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Hi, I’m Steve Southern, President/CEO of Southwestern Business Financing Corporation. I have a pleasure working with compushooter for the past 9 months, and I just want to tell you that the entire staff has just been so responsive to our request, it helps us in so many things certainly in this pandemic. They have just been absolutely perfect for us. So I highly recommend anyone whose interested in using thier services.
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Southwestern Business Financing Corporation

I have been with Compushooter with more than 10 years and I will say I’m very happy and very satisfied for the service and specially that we have very sensitive information, there’s no other company that I would really trust. We do income tax and accounting, and the people on Compushooter they’re always there whenever I need them, and If I have an emergency, they’re always there responding to my emails immediately either by email, text or by phone. I highly recommend Compushooter for any of your computers. The prices are very affordable and they will do whatever it takes to fix any problems. This would help you to increase and grow your business. I wanted to say honestly without them I don’t think where we are right now. And once again I do highly recommend Compushooter for any computer services that you may have in your business.
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Carolina Fuentes

Rapido Tax Express

We absolutely love CompuShooter. We’ve had nothing but great services. Everytime we call them they get back to us immediately and always follow up with whatever issue we’re having. And make sure that everything is running. We just have nothing but positive to say about CompuShooter.
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Deeann Prince

PaloVerde Pets

Hi my name is Joan, I’m the owner of Posh Pet Boutique and Spa and Resort. Joel with Compushooter have been our go to Tech support for a few years now and he resolved all of our issues, made our various locations interactive real time and update our database and made it seamless and easy process. So grateful that we have Compushooter and Joel helping our business.
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Posh Boutique And Pet Resort

Hello Im Allan Iedema. I have been using Compushooter for a number of years now, I depend on them on all my computer issues, they are reliable, fast and I appreciate the work they have done ..thank you very much Compushooter
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Allan Iedema

HIG Consulting

Hi, I’m Dr. Anderson of Anderson Dental, and I’ve been using Compushooter for many years now and I think that they are amazing, I’ve gotten excellent service. They go above and beyond what is expected and my standard are pretty high. So that is a giant compliment.
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Dr. Lori Anderson

Anderson Dental

“Joel is been working for me for about 5 years now, he has done amazing work with the computer system with our company, when we first came to him, we where having all sorts of problems and now we rarely see him coz everything works..thanks Joel”
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Tony Avila

Avila Masonry LLC

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable team from Compushooter dedicated to our hospital’s needs is priceless. The ease of contact, quick problem resolution, and friendly staff keeps us operational with minimal down time. Taking the time to understand our needs and developing a plan that works for us, instead of forcing us into a cookie cutter service plan is refreshing. Regular contact and onsite visits ensure our problems are solved and systems are running error free. The planning prior to implementation is paramount, Joel and the Compushooter team make sure all your needs are covered, especially the ones you don’t think about. Do not hesitate on using the Compushooter team. They, hands down are the best managed IT services provider. They have knowledgeable staff, quick response times, and tailored services to meet any requirements you have. Each plan is meticulously crafted for your company and your needs, not just a generic one size fits all approach. They also maintain regular contact to ensure the systems stay secure and operational long after implementation

Chris Weafer-Lloyd

Foothills Animal Hospital

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Animal Hospital Town & Country San Diego

"Super Happy With Them"

“We’ve been with CompuShooter in a Year and a Half. They helped us from the very beginning. Super happy with them, will recommend them.”


"CompuShooter is Fantastic"

“CompuShooter is Fantastic. I don’t think I could work with any other I.T. Team. From emergency situations, or when the internet is down they are so amazing. They respond immediately.”

Mrs. Avila

"Best computer guy"

“Hi, I just want to let everybody know that Joel is the best computer guy, he backs-up all our files, gets our computers going and save some very personal files that I need it when my computer crash, I’d highly recommend them to work on your computers.”

Sally Jarvis - Angel of Defense

"We feel so great"

“I’m Sally Jarvis, I worked with Angel of Defense and with out Compushooter we cannot work as efficient as we are..thank you Joel for everything that you do, we feel so great.”

Scott Dunham - Main Street Financial Group

"Using Compushooter for the past five years"

“Hi, im Scott Dunham President of Main Street Financial Group..weve been using Compushooter for the past five years..”

Don Kammerzel - Kzell Metals Inc.

"Very happy w/ their performance"

“Hi Im Don Kammerzell Owner of K-Zell Metals, I would like to extend the invitation to have people talk to me about CompuShooter..we were very happy w/ their performance in installing our Security Cameras”

Gatillero - La Nueva 105.9 FM

"Great Service"

“How Are you doing? I’ve been using CompuShooter for about 3 years and they got Great Service, its a great company, I highly recommend them, I referred quite of business to them and everybody I referred to also mentions that they have professionalism and very good price point as well and they do a great Job!!”

Jay Varcoe - Varcoe CPA

"They have my best interest at heart"

“I really enjoyed working with Compushooter because I feel like they have my best interest at heart, they don’t oversell, they just give me what I need and things work and works simply, nothing complicated. I recommended Compushooter for computer headaches put away and everything done simply.”

Thomas Blischok

"Gave us a sense of security"

“We have Compushooter installed this marvelous home security system, tremendous installation and capabilities, most importantly gave us a sense of security. Thank you so much Compushooter!”

Jennifer Willmott - Willmott Associates

"Always helpful"

“Hi, My name is Jennifer, Im an attorney with Willmott Associates, and we trust Compushooter only to handle with our Tech needs, Joel is always there on time, he’s always helpful for us and we really appreciate him, thank you Compushooter”

Jim - Ferguson Land Services

"Very pleased with their service"

“My name is Jim and I have been using compuShooter for 2-3 years and we are very pleased with their service.”

Dupont Law Firm

"Quickly and they've done the job"

“Hi Im Chris Dupont , I run a small Law Firm, when we established this Law firm we rely on Compushooter to install our entire system and we never have a problem w/ it for 5….6..7 years..when we needed upgrade Compushooter has been quickly and they’ve done the job..”

Sharla Blischok - Mindmeld Inc

"I gave my highest recommendation"

“Hi, I am Sharla Blischok ..I’m the owner of a small business MindMeld..I have been using CompuShooter for the last eight years..I am very happy with the service, very professional..always timely and I gave my highest recommendation”

Trautman Law Firm

"Were very satisfied"

“This is Chris Trautman, I work at Trautman Dupont PLLC, I’m a Lawyer and we have been using CompuShooter for several years and were very satisfied w/ compushooter. There was a time when I imprudently use another firm for a computer problem and had nothing but problems…. ”

Teresa Mandelin, President/CEO

"Consistent, Concerned"

“Hi my name is Teresa Mandelin, I’m President/CEO of Southwestern Business Financing Corporation. I just wanted to say that Compushooter has been the best thing we’ve done in all my years on this company. They are consistent, concerned and make sure that something is always handled immediately.”


"Highly recommend them"

“Hi, I just want to let everybody know that Joel is the best computer guy, he backs-up all our files, gets our computers going and save some very personal files that I need it when my computer crash, I’d highly recommend them to work on your computers Onsite computer repair in Phoenix”

AJ Barker - Davis Salvage Co.

"I'm extremely Happy"

“Hi, my name is AJ, Im the owner of Davis Salvage Company and Im extremely Happy with the work that I get from CompuShooter”


"You need to check with them"

“Mark Brown with Davis Salvage and Company, all of our Surveillance Security monitoring was done by CompuShooter and we were very pleased ….. you need to check with them…”

Roland - Smart Homes

"Quick service"

“Big thanks to Compushoooter, they bail us out again, computer went down ….quick service.and we are up and running..so big thank you to you”


"Great and they are there"

“Hi, im Brianna with Main Street Financial Group Inc..Compushooter have been great and they are there anytime i need them”

Gary Perantoni

"They got Great Service"

“How Are you doing? I’ve been using CompuShooter for about 3 years and they got Great Service, its a great company, I highly recommend them, I referred quite of business to them and everybody I referred to also mentions that they have professionalism…”

Marshall Boyce - Colonial Capital LLC

"used Compushooter for the past 3 or 4 years"

“Hi, my name is Marshall Boyce with Colonial Capital..I have used Compushooter for the past 3 or 4 years..since I’ve been with Colonial in fact…service…”

Cliff Heiney

"Accommodate me during the times that I need"

“I’ve been using Compushooter for a long time many years now to solve my computer issues and I’ve been very satisfied with the work that have been done and they tend to get out here and accommodate me during the times that I need them to come out….”


"Fast service"

“Hi, my name is Chris Carlson with Colonial Capital and weve been using Compushooter for 3 years now and we are very happy with its fast service.”


"I was in need of a good computer tech"

“Being new to the area, I was in need of a good computer tech to meet the demands of our two businesses. We called Joel to determine his abilities and response time. After solving an initial hard drive challenge, we were very pleased with his knowledge, timely response, and his friendly demeanor.”

Walter Mocarski

"He fixed my computer"

“I know Compushooter little over 2 years, had problems 2 years ago owner came, fixed the computer and 2 years later today had problems with my computer and saw the owner Joe and told him the problem with virus and he fixed my computer and I am grateful with Compushooter. Thank you very much!”

Bill Russell - TRI Inc.

"We are delighted"

“We have been with compushooter for several years and we are delighted by the service.”

Pam Zeigler

"They are Great"

“If you need computer work go to CompuShooter, they are Great , they stayed in contact with you..like let you know what’s happening when the do a work on your computer, they show up when they say they are going to and I’ve never have any problems with them at all and they have a great service…”


"Service is Great"

“Hi, my name is Juan. CompuShooter came to the office to Fixed my PC, Service is Great!! I really highly recommend CompuShooter..Thank You!!

Cliff Laser

"They work on it until it gets right"

“My name is Cliff Laser, I am using Compushooter services and when they tell me yes it means “YES” and if no means “NO”. And if needs more work, they work on it until it gets right.”

Elena Pongratz

"They will come everytime"

“My name is Elena Pongratz and i just want to let you know that I am very pleased with Compushooter Services that I used, I called them often when I have some personal computer problems that I have issues and they will come everytime.”


"Always done it succesfully and quickly"

“I have dealt with CompuShooter for the last 2 or 3 years ..and everytime I have a problem, they have been able to Fix it, um they’ve always done it succesfully and quickly and I’m one that’s satisfied”

Sandy Furman - Furman Architects

"Respond expeditiously"

“My name is Sandy Furman, I’m the partner of Meritus of FDS Architects, I’ve been using Compushooter for 3 years now and I just got a new computer and they just set it up for me, I’m extremely satisfied with the services and they respond expeditiously to my request, thank you Compushooter”

Paul Longstreth

"Take all your computer problems away"

“When you have computer problems, your slow, you cant understand it…call this man, he is honest, he’ll be on time and he’ll take all your computer problems away as a true expert…Joel is your man.”

Rod Timmons

"Great company"

“Compushooter has been a great company for me, the latest things they did was restore these 2 gaming computers to their ultimate speed and really got all viruses and malware and everything else out of them. Also they have restored a hard disk I have for years that has all my lifetime worth of data, videos and pictures on that has been dead and I thought it was gone forever and they have brought it to life, so thank you Compushooter”

Arboleda Brechner Law Firm

"Impressed by the professionalism"

“Hi I’m the managing partner of Arboleda Brechner and I have been working with Compushooter for approximately 11 years now..and during that time I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the firm but more importantly about the fact that they are cost conscious”

Robyn Varcoe - Varcoe Law Firm

"Respond right away"

“My name is Robyn and im an Attorney with Varcoe Law Firm and we cannot function as efficiently as we do with out Joel and Compushooter, we call with problems and he respond right away..thank you Joel..thank you Compushooter.”