Joel T. Tumulak

The things you must know before you choose an IT Support Company

Joel Tumulak is the Founder and Owner of Compushooter LLC with Years of experience and specialized in supporting Veterinary Hospital, Dental Clinics and Accounting Firms businesses in securing their Microsoft-based IT and Database Softwares in the Phoenix Arizona Metro area.

Make his way out as a working student to pay up his college and Graduated the First in his batch as a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. Immigrated in the USA from Philippines to pursue his love and passion to help small businesses attain the highest level on quality of work and top customer service in the field of I.T. Industry.

Joel love to Travel and spend his past time practicing Martial Art Tai Chi, Playing Tennis, Hiking daily with his wife and their beloved MaltiPoo Keiki.

Since opening our doors in 2007, CompuShooter LLC has built our business on strong relationships with our customers, strategically helping them realize business results through the use of proven technology. Our solutions enable businesses to improve their competitiveness in their market by capturing business value with technology.

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  • Can you give us a quick overview of who you are and what you do?
  • What makes you so special, unique and valuable that business owners continue to use your services?
  • To help the business owners, what should they be looking for or ask before they let someone into thier network?
  • These questions and more are answered by this Audio Interview, listen to it to know the answers.



  • To help small businesses, specially in the field of Veterinary Clinic and Hospital , Dental Offices and Accounting Firms , to simplify their work through computer technology and computer apps. Speed up their work and less or no hassle on doing their daily tasks.
  • Help them with their necessary technologies that they can use in their business.
  • Help business owners gaining peace of mind by eliminating costly, frustrating, and time consuming computer problems that most businesses had.
  • Keep thier company data and operation safe, providing plans and services to make sure our clients are always up and running with little or no downtime service interruptions.


  • To help small to medium size businesses to improve employee productivity at lower operating costs and help them grow their business using high and up to date technologies today and in the future.


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