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Computer Repair and Support

Our experienced technicians performs any task in a swift allowing you to save money. We are giving you a low cost computer solution for the excellent quality service we provide allowing your computer to run at its optimum performance.

Our experienced staff of IT experts can help you with your technical issues, virus removals and tune-ups. We can diagnose and repair your system for much less then it would cost at a local repair shop. Our affordable rates and certified support team will give you an excellent value. We offer services for all phases of computer repair from the casual user to the full business user. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Voice Over IP

Our VoIP solutions offer a simple and powerful way to streamline communications from multiple phones and computers. It can help small businesses improve customer service, increase productivity, and increased savings.

CompuShooter can help you by offering a way to control your communications. We offer a service that allows you to screens, announce, and route call traffic that assists you in managing your time effectively. Now you can talk to the people you want, when you want and save value time and money.

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Security Cameras

Whether you’re the sole proprietor of a single location or you operate a chain of stores, chances are you have problems shared by every small business owner: theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, fraud, employee productivity. The use of video surveillance in your business can be the difference between earning a profit and losing money due to theft, vandalism and improper employee behavior. CompuShooter can help.

With the vast improvements in technology today, video surveillance has now become the industry standard as the effective and cost efficient way to protect your property.

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