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Managed IT Services In Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale AZ

We’ll respond to your call for help within 5 minutes or less – GUARANTEED – and have a friendly knowledgeable and helpful technician working to resolve your problems the SAME DAY you call.

Are you fed up with so-called “customer service” you get from other technology vendors? Tired of technicians that don’t respond quickly when you need them? Want someone who will give you straight answer and fix your computer fast without soaking you on the price? If so, we can help. Since opening our doors in 2007 we’ve helped many small business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale Arizona get the fast, reliable, and affordable computer support they need. If you want someone who will finally treat your computer problem with the same urgency you feel, then give us a call today!

  • Managed IT for Small Business
  • IT Planning and Budgeting
  • Server Monitoring & Care
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • On Site / Helpdesk Support
  • IT Management and Support
  • VOIP Phone Service

Master Technology Strategist for Small Businesses


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“Forget Dealing with Arrogant Techno-Weenies That Take Their Good-Old, Sweet Time To Respond And Fix Your Computer Problems”

We’ll FIX IT or ITS FREE – GUARANTEED – and we have a friendly knowledgeable and helpful Certified Technicians working to resolve your problems the SAME DAY you call.

Give us a call at 480-464-0202




“We’re Not The Fastest, We’re Not The Cheapest
We are A Manage I.T. that Take Time & Effort To Manage your I.T. Needs The Right Way”


You pay your Current Computer Guy Good Money To Keep Your Computer Network Up, Running And Problem Free.

So Why Are You Still Having Constant Computer Problems?

If you are a small business owner with ongoing computer problems but does not know who you can trust to fix them fast, fix them right, and make everything work the way it is supposed to, we have the solution you have been looking for.



Finally, An Easy Way To Get Your Computer Problems Handled.

What makes us unique is that we anticipate, do in-depth foresight and plan ahead of computer disasters before it happens. We guarantee to make technology EASY for you. that includes guaranteeing 30-minute or less response time, owning problems(instead of blaming your ISP, software vendor, or other outside problem), and providing good, old-fashioned customer service from English-speaking technicians who are highly trained and know what they are doing.

Although this is not an amazing concept, I’m amazed at how many IT firms don’t get this right. In fact our research has shown that most business owners like you aren’t getting the kind of service.

To See What Great Computer Support Should Be… For FREE

As a prospective new client, we’d like to give you a free phone consultation to resolve your computer problems of your choice, or to perform a “Health check” to check for viruses, missing patches, faulty backups and a number of other potential issues that could be slowing down your computer and causing it to crash. Why are we giving this away for free? Because we know that once you see how quickly we make your problems go away, you’ll end up being a client for life and tell your friends about us too! To Claim Your Free Phone Support Call, Contact Us Now.


Are you worried about who’s to call at night for your computer or network problems? Worry no more! At Compushooter we have LIVE PERSON HELPDESK AND TECH, AVAILABLE 24/7, 365 DAYS to help you with your computer problems.

YOU MAY CALL US AT 480-464-0202

Specializes in Manage IT In Phoenix, Scotttsdale and Glendale Arizona locations


Small and Medium Business

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Here Are Just A Few Clients We’ve Helped



“Hi my name is Carolina Fuentes owner of Rapido Express Income Tax Service, and i have been with Compushooter w/ more than 10 years and i will say im very happy and very satisfied for the service and specially that we have very sensitive information, theres no other company.”

Rapido Tax Express

Glendale, Arizona



“Hi my name is Joan, im the owner of Posh Boutique and Spa and Resort. Joel w/ Compushooter have been our go to Tech support for a few years now and he have resolve all of our issues, made our various locations interactive real time and update our database and made it seamless”

Posh Boutique and Pet Resort

Scottsdale, Arizona



“My name is Tony with Avila Masonry, Joel is been working for me for about 5 years now, he has done amazing work with the computer system with our company, when we first came to him, we where having all sorts of problems and now we rarely see him coz everything works..thanks Joel”

Tony Avila – Avila Masonry LLC

Glendale, Arizona



“Hi im the managing partner of Arboleda Brechner and i have been working with Compushooter for approximately 11 years now..and during that time ive been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the firm but more importantly about the fact that they are cost conscious”

Arboleda Brechner Law Firm

Phoenix, Arizona



“How Are you doing? Ive been using CompuShooter for about 3 years and they got Great Service, its a great company, i highly recommend them, i reffered quite of business to them and everybody i reffered to also menstions that they have professionalism and verry good price point as well and they do a great Job!!”

Gatillero la nueva 105.9 fm

Phoenix, Arizona



“Hi my name is Teresa Mandelin, I’m President/CEO of Southwestern Business Financing Corporation. I just wanted to say that Compushooter has been the best thing we’ve done in all my years on this company. They are consistent, concerned and make sure that something is always handled immediately…”

Teresa Mandelin – President/CEO – Southwestern Business Financing Corporation

Phoenix, Arizona



“Hi, Im Dr. Anderson, and ive been using Compushooter for many years now and I think that they are amazing, ive gotten excellent..excellent service..they go above and beyond what is expected and my standard are pretty that is a giant compliment”

Dr. Lori Anderson – Anderson Dental

Phoenix, Arizona



“My name is Robyn and im an Attorney with Varcoe Law Firm and we cannot function as efficiently as we do with out Joel and Compushooter, we call with problems and he respond right away..thank you Joel..thank you Compushooter.”

Robyn Varcoe – Varcoe Law Firm

Phoenix, Arizona


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