Are you having difficulty hiring & retaining staff?

If so, CompuShooter offers the perfect solution and ample support so you can be client focused. We offer flexible hours and worry-free solutions for you no matter what industry you are in.



5 Big Reasons to Choose CompuShooter

1You are able to work with the same virtual assistant everyday and you will be provided with two alternating virtual assistants.

Experience the convenience of a consistent virtual assistant at your service daily. Enjoy seamless support, personalized assistance, and reliable help tailored to your needs, enhancing your productivity and simplifying your life.
Increased Efficiency: Tasks can be divided, allowing for faster completion and improved workflow management.
Specialization: Each assistant can focus on specific areas, such as one handling administrative tasks and the other managing customer service or technical support.
Redundancy: Having two assistants ensures that there is always coverage, even if one is unavailable due to illness or vacation.

2Experience our service risk-free and discover its value firsthand.

Try our service for Free with no risk and see the benefits for yourself. Experience firsthand how it can enhance your workflow, productivity, and efficiency. If you're not satisfied, there's no obligation to continue. Join us today and unlock the potential of our top-tier service, commitment-free!

3No long term contract or sign up fees.

Enjoy the freedom of our services with no long-term contracts or sign-up fees. Experience flexibility and convenience without being tied down or incurring extra costs.

4You are invoiced weekly and can cancel anytime.

You are invoiced weekly for our services, ensuring flexibility and convenience. There is no long-term commitment, and you have the freedom to cancel anytime, providing peace of mind and complete control over your subscription.

5Your virtual assistant can use your existing VoIP

Your virtual assistant can seamlessly integrate with your existing VoIP system, enabling efficient communication, call management, and enhanced productivity through a unified, streamlined interface.

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Starting $11/Hour.
No Annual Contracts.

Our Virtual Assistants start at $11 per hour. Customize their schedules to suit your practice's needs. Enjoy flexibility with no annual contracts and no hidden fees.

Same Virtual Assistant,

You'll work with the same Virtual Assistant daily. Once trained in your software and practice routines, they integrate seamlessly into your team.



All our Virtual Assistants are trained in IT security best practices and hold certifications in HIPAA compliance.



Try our services to see if they fit your business needs. Experience our offerings firsthand and decide if they're right for you.

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A Personal Message from Our CEO at Compushooter LLC

I am thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge virtual assistant services, designed to elevate your business operations and efficiency. Our virtual assistants are meticulously trained professionals equipped to handle a diverse range of tasks.

This service aims to provide you with the flexibility and support necessary to focus on your core business activities. With our virtual assistants, you gain access to skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, offering consistent and reliable support.

We are committed to delivering top-tier service and ensuring that your experience with our virtual assistants exceeds expectations.

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