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Zoom has been banned from government business in Taiwan, US and other countries

This is the latest setback for the hugely popular video-calling app being used worldwide.

It has been revealed that some of Zoom’s server traffic was somehow “mistakenly” being routed through China. This is due to the fact that China does not recognize Taiwan’s independence.

The public is being warned not to use the said product due to security concerns.

However their competitors like Microsoft and Google was accepting the outcome an has said that China considers Taiwan a breakaway rebel province, destined to be reunited with the mainland.

Researchers discovered that some internet traffic from Zoom’s video-calling app was being sent through Beijing, although they are all in North America.

Zoom has several hundred employees in Mainland China, as stated by the team from University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. This be as reason for Zoom to be pressured by Chinese authorities”.

According to zoom, internet traffic was mistakenly routed through Beijing China and has apologized for it.

Although they have apologized, Taiwan has told the public to use other software instead.

They suggest to use domestic solutions instead of using the software. According to them, Google or Microsoft’s app fairly acceptable. Those companies operate Duo and Skype services.

This may make a huge impact to Zoom since their popularity has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and since then, their every move is under public scrutiny.

This has come about due to the ease of use that provide to individuals and businesses alike, including government officials.

Citizen Lab’s researchers reported that Zoom used non-standard encryption. The public has been warned that it may not be suitable for governments or businesses worried about espionage. This type of encryption is good enough for average users.

Because of this incident, Zoom has promised to improve its security and implementing privacy policies and features.

Even the United States senate told its members not to use Zoom because of the security concerns that is now in the spotlight. They are now looking to find an alternative platform they can use for remote working and thus banned using Zoom Video communication service.

The rise of Zoom’s popularity increased exponentially political parties, corporate offices, schools, organizations and millions across the world started working from home after implemented lockdowns. These was enforced by the to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Sad to say, Zoom lacks end-to-end encryption of meeting sessions, data got routed through China and sometimes uninvited guests can crash into meetings.

They have no hired former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as an adviser and formed an advisory board to look into its privacy and safety practices.

Corporations are now banning the use of the said software. Even Elon Musk’s SpaceX has done so because of the security concerns. Countries like Taiwan, Germany and others have started to do so.

Zoom might face a class-action lawsuit in the near future.

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