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YouTube went down for a while everywhere and users flipped out

UPDATE: YOUTUBE is now back up and running and people are rejoicing.

After almost two hours of users losing their minds due to the service outage, representatives for the video streaming service reassured us all that the natural order of the world has been restored.

Google has acknowledged the global outage via a tweet at around 12:40PM apologizing for the inconvenience. However, they have reported that the service has been restored by around 2pm.

Although some users are still reporting issues watching shows on YouTube TV.

YouTube users worldwide are reporting this problem and they are not too happy about it. The media streaming company receives 100 hours of video contents per hour, and thus they appear to be having a worldwide service disruption.

The said service outage has impacted YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music for around 2 hours. During the time being, YouTube fanatics expressed their desperation via social media.

During the service outage, when someone tries to visit the website, it comes out as a blank page.

YouTube’s technical team have scrambled frantically to get the service back up and running ASAP. The interesting thing about this situation is that people have even contacted 911 and act as if it is an emergency.

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