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Your Windows 7 PC is out of support nag screen

Support for Windows 7 has ended last January 14, 2020. Computers using the operating system is still very much functional. However, Microsoft started to push KB4530734 on Windows 7 computers with a new version of EOSNotify.exe program that would display a full screen notification why users need to upgrade to Windows 10.

Most versions of Microsoft which include Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, and Professional editions will display the full-screen alert when they login or at 12 PM.

Although Microsoft has offered an extended paid option called “Extended Security Updates” to receive additional years of support and have this nag screen removed.

It would be a wise move to transition to Windows 10 due to security reasons. Windows 7 will no longer receive needed security updates and critical patches to protect your computer from hackers and cyber-criminals.

On top of that, newer software are built around the Windows 10 Operating System which would make it harder for you to find software that is backward compatible. It would be easier for bad guys to get into your computer due to the fact that they are just waiting for your computer’s security to stop updating. At the basic principle of if there is no cat, there would be mice lurking.

Would you still wait for your computer to be a sitting duck or do something about it?

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