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Yet Another Virus Wreaks Havoc Worldwide

Another deadly computer wreaked havoc among email systems worldwide last October 10.

Experts dubbed the virus with the name, Goner, and described it to be one of the fastest to spread among all viruses that have attacked over the years. Users are advised to delete it immediately upon receipt.

Spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs Alex Shipp stated that because of its tremendous speed, thousands of Britain users have already received it. By mass mailing itself via emails, this virus is on a mission to destroy computer anti-virus softwares, which can be a major problem for users who have the unfortunate experience to have received it.

Yet Another Virus Wreaks Havoc Worldwide

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First detected in the morning of October 10, the Goner virus is believed to have been created in Europe. Among the worst hit of seventeen nations are UK, France and the US. It basically comes in your email with the subject, “Hi” and body text which reads, “When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.” Then you will see an attachment with the filename, “goner.scr.”

The morning of October 10 started with manageable reports but by the middle of the afternoon, over thirty thousand reports have already been recorded.

To resolve the damages that the Goner virus has done, experts have launched a criminal investigation to track the person or persons responsible for creating it.

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