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Windows 9 to Be Unveiled on the 30th of September

A Windows 9 preview build is set to be released by Microsoft on a scheduled special press conference come the 30th of September.

Although the said date is still up for changes, it nevertheless aligns with prior leaks of a late September or early October possible date of preview release. Reliable sources have revealed that Microsoft has plans of holding a Windows 9 press conference on the 30th of next month, with the tech preview to be released during or after the event. It is hoped that just like that of the early public builds of Windows 8, people would have access to that of Windows 9; however, chances are likely that Microsoft would only grant this to programmers, developers and other IT professionals through MSDN and TechNet.

Windows 9 to Be Unveiled on the 30th of September

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Expect Windows 9 to be full of new surprises; but much like the first preview of Windows 8 which still looked similar to Windows 7, Windows 9 will also be a mix of both new and old features. It’s expected that the new Start Menu and the enabling of Metro apps to run in a Desktop Window  would definitely be part of the preview build but other than that, no one can really be sure. The anticipated bigger feature, Cortana integration, is predicted to be not part of the cut though. In the later months of the release of Windows 9 first consumer preview, you can expect several smaller changes such as new stock Metro apps or UI tweaks to to up.

Likewise, this press conference may be a venue for Microsoft to reveal about what’s in store for Windows RT, which is also undergoing integration with Windows Phone as part of its “grand unified theory.”

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