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Windows 8 Hot Keys You Are Sure to Find Useful

Among the tips and tricks we’ve read about Windows 8, we’ve found the hot keys to be both useful and convenient. Basically, these are combinations of the Windows key, found in between Ctrl and Alt, and another key that you can hold down instead of going through the normal way of clicking through the functions.

Here are some of these hot keys:

Pressing Windows Key Allows you to access the tiled Start screen.
Windows Key +E Opens Explorer so you can quickly access your folders.
Windows Key + M Minimizes open windows that are currently open on your desktop.
Windows Key + D Pressing it on the start screen gets you to the desktop instantly.
Windows Key + Tab Allows you to open list of programs that’s currently running.
Windows Key + F Allows you to open a file or search a certain folder/s.
Windows Key + W Allows you to do a search in the settings of your system so you can easily find and alter system properties.
Windows Key + Q Allows you to do a global search where all you need to do is type what you’re searching for and where you want to look for it.
Pressing Windows and volume down button simultaneously Allows you to take a screenshot on a Windows 8 Tablet.
Windows Key + Print Screen Captures a screenshot and saves it in a folder under the Pictures menu.
Windows Key + Pause Allows you to access your page of system properties so you can see a quick rundown of your specs.
Windows Key + I Allows you to access the settings menu, giving you easy access to to the control panel, power button, personalization and other features.
Windows Key + X Allows you to open the Quick Access Menu where functionality of systems are exposed. These are the likes of Run, Command Prompt, File Explorer and Disk Management.
Windows Key + R Prompts the Run command which is pretty convenient for quick apps launching as well as other routines that employ a command prompt.
Windows Key + O Locks device orientations with an accelerometer.
Windows Key + period sign Toggles with each press, snapping a window to the left or right side.
Windows Key + comma sign Allows you to make all open windows you have transparent so that you can see the desktop so long as you hold the Windows key down.

Hope you find this list of convenient hot keys helpful as much we did.

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