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Windows 10: What Newness Does it Bring?

Microsoft Windows has formally unveiled the new Windows version to the world but probably everyone was caught off guard when they revealed that its name is Windows 10, not 9.

Just why that name exactly? Well, as Microsoft said, this version has such great advancements and improvements that it requires a skip in number. So, let’s have a look at these so called great leaps:

1. Runs on just One OS

Windows 10 is designed to work on all forms of devices ranging whether desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphone. According to Microsoft Executive VP of Operating Systems, this version is set to run the broadest range of devices. Hence, there is one method of writing a universal application, one store and one method for apps to be updated, purchased and discovered across all these devices.

2. The Start Menu Returns

The return of the start menu would feature a combination of the classic start menu of Windows 7 with the apps from the modern or metro UI. And get this… if you do a search within the start menu, you’re as good to do a web search too! Because of the customization of its layout, apps can also be resized or taken out so its personalization and flexibility is back!

3. Improvd Touch or Keyboard and Mouse Integration

To cater to the criticism that it’s hard to move between touch and the keyboard as well as mouse elements with Windows 8, Microsoft introduces the approach they dubbed as “Continuum.” This signifies an all new improved merger between the different types of input. With Continuum, users can switch between modes automatically through a detection of the ways users employ their device. It comes with design aspects such as the new Start Menu, windowed apps within the desktop and the like.

4. Virtual Desktops

Although no official name of this feature has been announced, it pretty much functions like the long used multiple desktops in Linux and Expose on Mac OS X. Triggering the view can be done with the new “task view” button which “enables users to launch a new virtual desktop and jump in between them.” Moreover, the task bar is customized so you can make it look relevant or different to each desktop; thereby enabling a leap of modes such as from work to home for instance.

5. Price and Availability

Word through the grapevine says Windows 10 may be given free to upgraders or at the very least, it could come with a nominal fee but so far, there has been no confirmation from Microsoft regarding this matter. It’s positive however, that the technical preview of the new version will be revealed within this week (solely for advanced users and developers) and an official press release won’t be given until the later part of 2015.

Aside from pricing, Microsoft is also mum on performance, Cortana integration, definite time frame release or any information on handling the scaling of high resolutions. What can be seen though is that to cater to past reviews, they are combining the good qualities of Windows 7 and 8 to give users a better experience.

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