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Windows 10 Spring Update is said to install in 30 minutes

The upcoming Windows 10 Spring Update is an upcoming major feature upgrade. Microsoft has said that it will take around 30 minutes to install. Compared to previous updates which took one or two hours to finish. This is possible because of the work engineers have done to the “Feature Update” process.

Feature Updates have two stages. The online and offline stages. The online stage is when the computer downloads the update files and runs various process in the background without affecting the computers performance while the offline stage is when the OS reboots a few times into the “applying update” screen while the new feature is being rolled out.

Comparing it to the older releases like the Creators Update which took around 80 minutes, it is a drastic speed increase installing the latest one for approximately 30 minutes.

Older featured updates took a long time and most user complain about the wait time for it to complete. Microsoft took note of this, and made improvements with this upcoming update.

Creators Update took 82 minutes, while the Fall Creators Update took approximately 51 minutes on average to install. Even though it has went down in numbers, it is still slow.

Microsoft has done additional work to the upcoming Windows 10 Spring Update to move portions of migration operations to the online phase thus cutting down the install time. This has resulted to the overall speed increase to the installation time to just 30 minutes.

However, there is a caveat to all of this. The online phase now takes longer due to the fact other process are moved to the online phase instead.


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