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Windows 10 October 2018 finally ‘fully available’ for download – is it worth downloading?

Microsoft now has released the delayed Windows 10 October 2018 release recently. Although it has been released, Microsoft only recommends advanced users to grab the update. Funny enough, it took them two and a half months to release a functioning and stable version which was supposed to be released last October 2018. As of this writing, Microsoft is confident enough to have advanced users to download it.

On Microsoft’s website, Windows 10 version 1809 update as of December 17, states that “Windows 10, version 1809, is now fully available for advanced users who manually select “Check for updates” via Windows Update.”

Advanced users have the ability to manually check for updates after the two false re-release. This time, they are slowly throttling up this availability. Now all users can do it if they wanted to.

This version 1809 release got shelved temporarily due to a lot of bugs which include the data-deleting bug. They have now taken a very careful approach in their rollout.

With the previous releases like version 1803, two and a half months after its release, approximately 250 million machines are now using the update. It is also deemed to be fully compatible with all Windows 10 compatible devices. The 1809 release has yet to be announced when it would be fully available and ready for business.

Problems have come up and plagued the version 1809 rollout. Roughly 30 things had to be patched up. Interestingly enough, Microsoft plans next year to offer users a Windows update status dashboard, kind of like it offers for other cloud services, like Azure and Office 365. The status dashboard will inform users about issues that lead to blocks on the update.

Up to this writing, Microsoft has been informing users by regularly updating the Windows 10 update history page. Upgrade blocks are still in place. Some of which is pertaining to some Intel display drivers, F5’s VPN, and some Trend Micro product issues, iCloud issues, Cisco’s malware shield issues and an issue with affects mapped drives.

Windows 10 1809 upgrade is deemed ‘fully available’ to manually download. However, they have not declared it fully ready for all Windows 10 devices. It might soon be, but if you are still skeptical, wait until you read enough good feedbacks from the Microsoft community and its users.

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