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Windows 10 4th year anniversary: Is everything stable now?

In a few days, Microsoft Windows 10 will be 4 years old as a its debut of “Windows as a service”. There has been never ending tweaks to Windows Update for Business rules. And mind you, there has been tons of unexpected twists and turns when it comes to updates.

You would normally expect stability by now and a standard set of rules that is easy to follow that IT professionals can follow and manage updates.

It took IT people a year to understand how the last years’ updates worked. And now things have changed again. People would think 4 years would be enough to make everything standardized. If you are not paying close attention, your network will be full of update headaches.

With the latest 1903 version which is rolling out via Windows Update, Microsoft is no longer supplying updates on separate channels for consumers and business customers. Instead, the initial public release goes to the Semi-Annual
Channel, with no more Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) option. (And even those names represented changes from the original November 2015 designation of Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.)

Administration in terms of Windows 10 PC in a business who happened to use older Windows Update for Business settings to manage featured updates, since these latest changed required immediate action.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, Microsoft says your devices will begin updating to Windows 10, version 1903. On systems where the Branch Readiness Level is set to Semi-Annual Channel and no additional deferral is specified.

It might be a mystery if they will be eligible to receive the update since everything seems to be driven by AI.

Surprising enough, Microsoft’s top of the line Surface Book 2 models have a discrete Nvidia GPU and are currently blocked from receiving the update automatically. Microsoft blocks major Windows 10 update for Surface Book 2 after bug makes GPU vanish.

There are PC’s that are previously blocked from updating because external USB device or SD cards that were attached vanished and prevented from doing so.

A list of known issues with regards to this and other update issues are listed on Microsoft’s official Version 1903 release page. It has been a major annoyance since Microsoft decided to make rules as they go.

Hopefully Microsoft will make up their mind on how things will proceed from here.

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