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What to Expect from Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

As you may have already heard, the new browser Microsoft has made for Windows 10 is dubbed as Project Spartan. Described to be fast, compatible and definitely built for the modern web, it gives you the benefit of easy reading, sharing and getting things done conveniently.

There has been quite an excitement, not to mention curiosity, over this new browser; hence, we’ve come up with a list of what you can expect from this new innovation. Note though that that all features are still pretty much a work in progress and not in its finalized state.

1. Inking and Sharing

What to Expect from Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

The main purpose for this feature is to enable users to capture and communicate thoughts directly and effectively. The web has always been used for sharing information, queries, comments and thoughts with friends and colleagues right?

With this new inking feature, you can directly write or type on a particular webpage by commenting on what makes it interesting or clip what you like then share this easily through email or social media. If you are researching or gathering data, you can easily save your notes directly to OneNote as well. 

2. Distraction-Free Reading

What to Expect from Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

Face it, while the web has made research much easier for us, keeping up with all the information it has to offer can also be quite difficult to manage. Project Spartan has come with an ideal solution to help us out. 

With its Reading List feature, you can pretty much collect what you want to read and enables you to save a webpage or PDF so you can access it at a more convenient time afterwards. Moreover, it’s also integrated with a distraction-free Reading View to help you keep your focus on the content. 

3. Built-in Cortana 

What to Expect from Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

To make your web browsing experience easier, Project Spartan is equipped with Cortana, a virtual personal assistant that helps you get things done conveniently.  Although she’s at the background, she offers efficient help at the moment you need it based on what she knows about you, what you’re doing and of course, the web. 

Cortana is set to be initially available in the US versions and more broadly eventually. 

4. New Engine to fit the Modern Web

What to Expect from Project Spartan Phoenix AZ

The new rendering engine of Project Spartan spins around the idea that the Web works while being fast, more reliable and more secure.

Again, keep in mind that all these features are still a work in progress; hence, it’s set to undergo even more processes of improvements before it becomes broadly available to the public. 





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