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What to Do if You Spilled Liquid on Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

Although you may have been as cautious as possible, there might be an instance in the future when you find yourself panicking over your wet laptop. As cliche as it may sound, the first thing you need to do is get over your panic and see to it that you perform these first aid steps to lessen chances of permanently damaging your device.

So, should any spillage happen, it would be wise to assume that the worst is happening. In this case, you need to turn off your laptop and unplug it pronto. If your laptop allows has the feature, it would be best to remove the batteries as well.

After you’ve made sure that your laptop is completely turned off, the first thing to do is dry it out. The bad news though is this can take time. While liquid that has spilled on the surface takes a shorter time, what’s trapped in corners and in between spare parts will definitely take longer. Good thing though that there are steps you can do to hasten this process:

1. Open it.

What to Do if You Spilled Liquid on Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

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So, the rule of the thumb for such spillage scenarios is to keep your laptop open so that air can get through and make make moisture evaporate. Do this by undoing the back screws of your device and popping the lid open. Then, if it can be removed, take out accessible parts like your hard drive and RAM.

2. Employ compressed air.

Whether it be sourced from a can or be it an air compressor, employ compressed air to remove as much moisture as you can. This is most effective in quickening the process of drying. Blow in and around all nooks and crannies especially in areas where liquid, no matter how little, is present. Be watchful among certain spots where liquid may tend to shoot out as well. Absorb any residues with Q-tips or or paper towels as well.

3. Get Help from a desiccant.

What to Do if You Spilled Liquid on Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

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Among the factors that enable water evaporation is the amount of dry air surrounding it. Hence, to encourage the escape of water from your laptop, take advantage of what a desiccant can do. These are mostly available in stores but if you can’t get buy one, make use of rice from a sealed package. While this may not be the best kind of desiccant, it’s still better than not doing anything at all.

So what you do is put a few cups of the desiccant in a bag then place your laptop in there as well ensuring that it’s covered completely. Allow thorough drying to happen for about 3 days. Granted that this is a long wait but still, it’s better to be safe then have regrets later on.

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. If you’ve tried all three mentioned steps above and still nothing works, proceed to steps 4 and 5.

4. Try baking it.

Common sense would tell you that heat certainly dries anything wet but if you will resort to this method, you need to exercise caution. Your laptop can withstand only a certain range of temperature; hence, make sure that you’ll be putting your device in an environment that would stay well within or below the allowable temperature range.

A Mac that has been shut off can stand a temperature of 105-110’F. Place it on your regular kitchen oven together with a thermometer. Set the oven at its lowest temperature , prop it open and keep a watchful eye of the thermometer. Once it reaches 100’F, turn the oven off and close the door.

This will allow the interior temperature to stay the same for a few minutes. As it drops, turn it on just a beat to heat the environment a little, then turn it off again and wait for the heat to take effect.

5. Use Isopropyl alcohol.

What to Do if You Spilled Liquid on Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

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There are times when the liquid spilled onto your laptop is not pure water. It may be soda, juice or coffee, which essentially takes longer to evaporate as they leave certain residues. Such cases actually already require the help of a technician to clean out and replace parts.

However, you can also try cleaning it with Isopropyl alcohol. Pour it onto the same spot of the original spill and blow it out. Do this several times to clean out the original spill as much as you can then do the steps given for drying moisture given above.

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