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Ways to Spill Proof Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

Among the biggest threats your laptop faces is the chance of it being spilled with water, soda, coffee, milk or any drink for that matter. In just a matter of seconds, your investment of $2,000 for the device you have could go down the drain.

The worst part is warranties for laptops don’t cover any damage due to liquid accidents. So, you would really have to spend for cost of repairs with the possibility of it not even repairable anymore. Indeed, such a scenario can be one huge problem both in work and your budget.

Since you may have or have had come really close to having such an accident, check out these three proven tips which are sure to come in handy for avoiding such a disaster.

1. Protect with a Lid.

Ways to Spill Proof Your Laptop Phoenix AZYes, we have to admit that it’s nice having your drink beside you while doing your work on your laptop but then, if we think about it, the best way of preventing a spillage is to avoid doing this but since this can be avoidable for some people, practice protection. In this case, the main protector is a lid. Put a lid on your glass of water or juice or cup of coffee. If what you have is a bottle, then make sure that the cap is tightly closed to ensure zero spillage.

In the absence of a lid, look for an alternative that can serve the same purpose like for instance, a toaster for a glass or cup and a cork or crumpled aluminum foil for a bottle.

2. Keep it Distant.

When liquid is spilled, it takes a few seconds to reach anything that can block its path so upon sitting down on your chair and setting your drink on your table, consider putting it at a distance from your laptop. That way, you’ll have more time to move your device to safety before the liquid reaches it.

Speaking of path blockage, you could also use this concept to divert the direction of any incoming spilled liquid that can get to your laptop. You could place a book or a few magazines in between your glass and device or better, elevate your laptop by setting it on top of the book or magazines.

Ways to Spill Proof Your Laptop Phoenix AZ

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3. Buy a Cover.

More than giving your laptop life and color, covers serve s protectors of your device from potential harm. Among these are dirt, dust, scratches and yes, threat of spilled liquids. You can buy these in many designs and styles from the market. Choose one that offers not only good protection but one that is durable as well. Oh, and an attractive design that fits your personality wouldn’t hurt either.



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