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Ways to de-clutter wiring on your desktop computer.

Most computers use cables to connect to devices and peripherals. Have you ever wondered how to make everything wireless?

You are not alone in this line of thinking. However, there are ways how to achieve this.

Starting from the basics, you can use wireless keyboards and mouse that are easy to configure since most of them are plug and play.

Typical computers use an Ethernet cord to connect to their modems and routers. Nowadays, most routers are wireless capable. There is an easier way to do this minus the cables. You can use a wireless network adapter to connect to your WiFi signal, just like your phone, tablet, laptop and other gadgets.

If you do normally use a headset to watch movies, stream video, and play audio on your computer, a Bluetooth speakers is your best option.

If you prefer headsets, there are also Bluetooth headsets which functions the same way as traditional computer headsets.

Printers are also an essential part of your computing needs. Bust most of us are struggling to connect and position the printers. There is another option that could help with this. First of all is to check your printers documentation. It may already be wireless or network capable. If it is network capable, you can easily connect it using an Ethernet cord which can be connected to any network node within the house or office. If it is wireless capable, then you are in luck since it does not use any cables and you can easily position it anywhere wherein it is within range of the wireless network.

As a side note, wireless headsets, keyboard, mouse are battery operated.

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