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Using VoIP Phones for Small and Home Businesses – Phoenix AZ

One of the challenges when running a small business is the need for continuous search for ways that would result to service improvements but at a lesser cost. One of the means people found to be effective is the use of a Voice Over IP, or VoIP, phone system.

Simply speaking, VoIP is a system for enabling both phone and voice calls through the internet. If you try it, you’ll see that it works the way Skype does but comes with more functions and specific features of a full phone system that you could operate within the cloud.

Among the advantages of using VoIP phones are first and foremost, low cost of setup and maintenance, which is probably one of the very sellable factors among smaller and home businesses. As far as operations go, it provides the means to answer calls consistently, whether from a physical phone, mobile or headset.

Even better, VoIP phones come with great business features in the phone system such as call transfer, voicemails, hold music, conferencing, multi-phone groups and multiple inbound numbers and identities. Lastly, should you be moving to another office, you need not spend anything at all because it’s portable. So, if you plug your phone with VoIP to your internet and work in a different place already, your phone will still ring like the usual.

Now, for benefits that are more specific to your small or home business, here are some of these presented through scenarios to better make you understand how it can help you. VoIP phones comes in handy when:

  • Your business has several offices or you have some staff working from their homes but there’s still a need for them to answer phone calls as they would if all in one office.

  • Your business requires you to have a second line of phone but you want to be free from paying BT line rental or annual contracts.

  • Your business wants to have various inbound phone numbers but you need the means to distinguish between them. VoIP not only answers this problem, it also allows your business to have as many inbound numbers as you desire plus shows which of these numbers is calling onscreen.

  • Your business wants to offer features like hold music or call queuing.

  • Your business wants to be equipped with the ability to automatically route calls to some extensions for both landline and mobile at particular times of the day.

  • Your business has expanded overseas, accumulating suppliers so to have continued and better communication, VoIP phone can be used for calling at no cost; thereby, serving as a phone system extension.

Should you be in search of VoIP service providers to enhance your small or home business, you can count on Compushooter to be the answer for such need. Call us now at 480-464-0202!

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