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Virus Alert: Beware the W32/Bagz-A

A new network worm by the name of W32/Bagz-A has been discovered recently. Spreading  through electronic mails, it comes with a backdoor which gives remote access from a particular host. Equipped with the ability to download further components, it can likewise install itself from an intruder-specified address.

Also able to collect various data which relate to the present network, this virus can be employed to proxy network traffic on the network for the intruder. Moreover, it has the uncanny ability not to be detected by local firewalls; hence, there’s every chance that network traffic wouldn’t be seen when viewed from a local machine.

Its sent email comes with attachments in a binary file or ZIP format. Some examples of the former are arch.doc.exe. arch.doc.exe, account..doc.exe, db.doc.exe, file.doc.exe, read.doc.exe, readme.doc.exe, msg.doc.exe, message.doc.exe, support.doc.exe, warning.doc.exe and the like.

For the latter, some examples include,,,,,,,,,,, and

It may attempt to disable the default firewall of Windows during startup as well as provide its own drive interface to the NDIS driver to prevent monitoring of network traffic from the local machine.

In case your device does get infected with the W32/Bagz-A virus, your web browser would get locked up. Here are the steps you need to take in order to remove it:

  1. Stop your internet connection and close your web browser immediately.
  2. Do a virus scan but pay special attention as this worm comes with the ability to hide or go undetected from anti-virus programs.
Virus Alert: Beware the W32/Bagz-A

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The first two steps can actually already remove the said virus if done as soon as detected; however, if not, please proceed to the next steps.

  1. Restart your computer and switch to safe mode. If needed, press F8 several times.
  2. To kill W32/Bags-A, restore your system under safe mode.
  3. At this point, the worm virus would already be effectively removed from your computer.

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