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Verizon Iphone4 vs AT&T Iphone4

I have receive a lot of inquiry recently from my customers to see if its a good idea to switch with Verizon right now since they already have an Iphone 4. Few things to consider first before you make a decision:

—Verizon Iphone is not doing the 4G, w/c will be slower to At&t Iphone.
At this time its using 3G although Verizon has always advertise their 4G lite

—As you know Verizon is a CDMA technology w/c if you travel abroad a lot, you can’t mostly use it since most other country doesn’t use CDMA technology

—You can’t use the Verizon Iphone for both Data and Calls Simultaneously, w/c means that if you are in a call, you can’t browse or chat at the same time.

Overall in my personal opinion, AT&T network right now is slow and keep dropping calls. But i think it’s worth to wait first before you jump-in to the hype of Verizon Iphone4. I would say, wait till July of this year..because APPLE will release a new IPHONE 5 w/c will correct all of this.

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