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Update Alert: The Latest about Windows 8.1

It seems like just yesterday when Microsoft  released Windows 8.1 but just like with any other techie advancement, it’s now on its third revision. Amazingly, this update doesn’t come with any new features because what it brings in are actually new interface elements and behaviors for mouse users. Although they are based from the old familiar ways of interacting with computer systems, what’s good about this update are the 200 performance tweaks that can be beneficial to both touch and non-touch systems.

To date, there are a vast variety of certified windows 8.1 PC Models available. Along with these models are a wide array of windows applications, with almost 40% of them touch capable. Although many desk top users employing Windows 8.1 dislike the launching of “Modern Apps” whenever files on the desktop are double clicked,  it has been found that satisfactory rate for these devices are still higher than any of the previous operating systems which includes windows 7.
So without further ado, we present to you a list of what’s new with the latest 8.1 update.
1. Boot to desktop for non-touch systems.
The good thing about this update is that it automatically detects whether the system used is is touch or non-touch.Whenever it detects that your system is not a touch PC, it automatically loads the desktop view.
Update Alert: The Latest about Windows 8.1

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2. Power and search buttons are now on start screen.

Though you can just type on the Windows 8.1 start page, there’s nothing much better than seeing the search and power visibly on screen. The update also comes with a magnifying glass to make the search task even more clearer.
3. Desktop task bar now includes the modern apps. 
These “modern apps” or alternatively known as “mobile style,”, are  tablet friendly, full screen apps that you can download from the windows store. These Apps previously lived in a different region but is now integrated in the desktop task bar.
4. The mouse has become smarter. Updates on mouse responses have become smoother. The actual guideline when getting around Windows 8.1 has been pertaining to “edges for touch, corners for mouse.” Behaviors like these call up functions  including the charms menu or running app list.

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