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Two iPhone Models Set for Release on the 20th of September

The world is on pins and needles for the release of the 2 upgraded models of last year’s iPhone 5 on the 20th of September. This announcement was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook on a media event at their headquarters in Cupertino, San Francisco.

Cook says the new iPhone 5s may look much like the previous model but not to be fooled as there lie impressive changes underneath its shiny case. According to Phil Schiller, the said handset is “the most forward thinking phone” under their belt. Also unveiled was the iPhone 5C which is the more economical model between the two.

iPhone 5s

The major highlight of iPhone 5s is its new Touch ID sensor which is part of the home button underneath the screen. With laser-cut sapphire crystal and a capacitive touch sensor, it can read your fingerprint accurately in order to unlock it. Moreover, it even allows you to purchase from the App store, iTunes and iBookstore.

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

Another great feature of the new iPhone 5s is its A7 processor that enables 64-bit processing to smartphones for the first time. Just imagine having speed twice as that of the prior processor and even more polished graphics. Likewise, it comes with a new M7 motion processor for measurement and collection of data from the accelerometer and GPS receiver. Consequently, developers now are given access to even more data that enable them to create the next generation apps in health and fitness.

Not to be outdone is its camera. Although with still the same 8-megapixel resolution as the previous model, it features a sensor that’s 15% bigger and when combined with the phone’s A7 processor, the new camera is now equipped with quicker auto focus and image capture. Say goodbye to clashing colors brought about by temperature as well because a new flash dubbed as “True Tone” captures your shots in a more natural color.

Other new camera perks are the image stabilization which solves the problem of shaky hands and a burst mode where you can hold the shutter button down and then snap up to 10 frames a second all for the quest of getting the perfect picture. You can also capture video in slow motion at 120 frames per second which allows you to choose which of the parts you want to be in “slow mo” mode and which you want at normal pace.

Battery life reaches up to 10 hours talktime and net surfing, 40 hours for audio play and 10 hours for video play. The new iPhone 5s will be available in gold, silver and space gray colors and have a 4-inch sized screen like its predecessor.

iPhone 5c

The all new and less costly iPhone 5c is definitely a funky model compared to the others from iPhone altogether. That’s because it comes in an array of 5 colors (white, pink, yellow, light blue and green) with a wallpaper that matches color to its corresponding device exterior.

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

Moreover, there are also a range of silicon cases in 6 colors with holes cut out to the back so that the phone’s color can be shown. This is for users to have a little artsy fun with their phones by mixing and matching different color combinations.

Made from a single polycarbonate plastic piece, the iPhone 5c is augmented with steel which also makes up its antenna. After which, it’s flourished with a tough and lasting coating topped with a shiny, sleek surface.

Available in both 16GB and 32GB memory capacities, this cheaper model contains the new iOS 7 operating system and the same A6 processor used in the iPhone 5. Following the same retina display of 4 inches as that of both iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, its camera is also still 8 megapixels in resolution but features a new high definition front-facing camera for FaceTime.


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