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Two (2) new lawsuits are filed against Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade tactics

There are 2 new lawsuits filed against Microsoft because of the company’s questionable Windows 10 upgrade tactics.

One was filed in U.S. District Court in Florida. Allegedly, the Windows 10 upgrade prompts “violated laws governing unsolicited electronic advertisements.” as reported by the Seattle Times. Said tactics are against the Federal Trade Commission’s rules on deceptive and unfair practices, as per the law suit.

Second lawsuit was filed last June in Haifa, Israel alleging that Microsoft installed Windows 10 on computers without user consent. A lawsuit has already been won previously wherein Microsoft paid out $10,000 in a previous U.S. suit over similar circumstances.

Microsoft told the Seattle Times it believes that the lawsuit will not succeed. They have also expressed that the said updates are a “choice” and not a requirement.

Basically, Microsoft seems to violate  by tricking people to upgrade to the latest version.

For a certain time, the “X” located at the upper right hand portion of the windows upgrade prompt was designed to close it out and avoid the upgrade and reject it. Somehow, the design has changed which made the upgrade push through wihtout explicit consent if the computer is left on for an extended period as well.

Tons of computer users are expressing their dismay and complaints about the “forced” installation using those tactics.

Eventhough Microsoft has used an aggressive approach to upgrade computers for several months, the more recent upgrade offers have been more deceiving and significantly dialed back.

In late June of 2016, Microsoft has remodeled the upgrade pop-up that offers win7, 8, 8.1 users a free upgrade to Windows 10. The “X” button’s expected behavior has returned and eventually, Microsoft has offered clearer options to stop receiving the upgrade offer altogether.

As of this writing, the free upgrade period closes on Friday.

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