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Tips On Improving Your Wifi Signal Phoenix AZ

It happens to almost anybody. There are just times when your Wifi signal at home or at the office needs a serious boost. Thankfully, we have some tips that will help ensure a good connection no matter where you may be.

If you happen to be on a camping trip with not the least bit of Wi-Fi signal and your goal is to have a remote connection, you have two, quite simple, solutions. You can either have your wireless plan turned into a hotspot or buy yourself a Mi-Fi hotspot. The latter option would cost you around fifty dollars for a contract of two years as well as additional twenty to thirty dollars for data charges. Yes, it’s quite costly but then again, also of much convenience.

Now, if your objective is to encircle the outdoor portion that surrounds your house, the process is a bit more complex.

The most easiest and simplest way though is to take a look at the settings of your router. Most new router models support two networking standards which are 802.11b and 802.11g. You need to turn off the older and slower 802.11b so that it won’t clog up the speed of your connection. Although this would provide an extra bar, it can’t reach your yard’s far corners.

If you’re thinking of having your router updated to a new standard, you may want to pause and think first. Yes, latest 802.11ac models can give you a signal that’s stronger but may also have issues like non-compatibility of your present devices. Give your old router the benefit of the doubt as it’s sure to work okay.

Tips On Improving Your Wifi Signal Phoenix AZ

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The next thing to do would take a look at your router’s placement. While the box’s rather unsightly appearance may not go well with your home motif or decor, it’s wise advice to refrain from putting it against a wall or hiding it in your home’s deep corners.

That’s because you’re keeping the Wifi routers from giving their maximum performance as they function best without any barriers that include walls, bricks or cement. It’s most ideal to have your wifi positioned in a centralized area so that the strongest signal will reach far. You can also place it near the outdoor area that you’re aiming to boost.

With your router rightly and properly placed, you can now have your signal’s reach extended. Some people swear by the wonders of what a well-positioned soda can or aluminum foil can do to boost one or two bars. Such a DIY wifi signal booster works great if you have difficulty centering the router. If you also have a neighbor making use of your signal, this is most ideal as it will only bounce the signal off the metal in the opposite direction.

You may also want to try replacing your router’s stock antenna with one that’s omni-directional. Costing you only thirty dollars, this can already increase the strength the strength of your Wifi signal two or three times as much, in every direction.

If you want to raise your signal even more try buying a range or repeater extender for a price of about forty dollars. Place it between the router and the area with no connection for it to be able to catch the original signal and repeat it outward.

For signals that are just not reaching as far as you wish, you have many options. Note that many of these ways are free and cheap as well. Keep in mind though that solutions are not similar for everybody. A change in terrain may be very simple but can already have a desirable effect in the strength of your wifi signal.

If you’ve tried all these tips we’ve given and still can’t get to improve your connection or simply need help in setting up your router to get the best wifi signal, give Compushooter a call at 480-464-0202 and we’ll be happy to set things up for you.

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