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The Computer Virus Directory Phoenix AZ

We all know what a computer virus is and we’ve heard of some particularly deadly ones that have been featured in the news and blogs. But that’s about how far it goes. Unless a virus has caught public attention because it’s deadly or invading PCs and laptops at an alarming speed, we won’t know about them.

Well, we did some online research in Wiki and was able to find some of these other computer virus names that we could acquaint ourselves with. After all, even if not well-known, there’s still some chance that your PC or laptop would encounter it. Hence, it’s better know a little about what these malware are so you would be able to recognize them once they pop on your screen.

1. Abraxas – It infects the COM file resulting into having the disk directory listing set to the system date and time of occurrence of infection.

2. Acid – Also infects the COM file resulting into a non-alterable disk directory.

3. Acme – Once an infected EXE is executed, another EXE is infected in the current directory by making a hidden COM file with a similar base name.

4. Agena – Programs who have this infection will experience an increase of file length from 723 to 738 bytes.

5. Ah – Cause systems to hang frequently.

6. AIDS – The first virus that’s known for its exploitation of the MS-DOS corresponding file vulnerability.

7. Bomber – It’s a polymorphic virus that attacks systems through random insertion of its code fragments into executable files.

8. Commwarrior – Known for being the first computer virus to spread through MMS and Bluetooth.

9. Creeper – This program has the ability to self replicate and gains access through ARPANET and copies itself to your remote system.

10. Kama Sutra – Sets to damage common files such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) documents.

The Computer Virus Directory Phoenix AZ11. Koko – A random encryption that fills the random sector with LAMER.

12. Melissa – Both a macro virus and worm, it’s MS-word based micro that can replicate itself through email.

13. Ontario – The Death Angel

14. Pikachu – Said to be the first computer virus targeting kids.

15. SCA – Pops out on your screen with a message. This computer virus is generally harmless but it might damage a legitimate non-standard boot block.

16. Scott’s Valley – If your file gets infected, it will contain a hex string 5E8BDE909081C63200B912082E.that just doesn’t make sense.

17. Shanker’s Virus – Sets to attack documents of Microsoft Word.

18. Simile – This metamorphic code accounts for 90% of the code of the virus.

19. Techno – The virus plays a tune that was made by its creator.

20. Zmist – This was the first ever virus to employ the “code integration” technique.

And there you have some computer virus names that are, most likely, not familiar to you. Note that some of these malware have long been discovered but are still around. That’s why it’s important that you arm your PCs and laptops with an antivirus software to protect your files from invasion of these worms.

But just in case your device has already been infected and you seemingly have no way of getting it back to boot or retrieve your files, you can count on us to help. Just give us a ring at 480-464-0202 and we’ll be glad to fix and repair everything for you.



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