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The Best Innovative Tech Products of 2014 Phoenix Arizona

The year, 2014, is coming to a close and we bid it goodbye, we take a look at what has been the best innovative tech products from apps, gadgets to services as sourced from the Business Insider.

1. Best Camera Placed in a Smartphone – iPhone 6 Camera

With practically all head to head tests it has been subjected to, the cameras of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just about excels among other competitors; hence, making it the best camera ever used on a smartphone.

2.  Best Screen Placed on a Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Well, actually, not only does it get the vote for best screen display placed on a smartphone, it’s also hailed as the best smartphone ever made by Samsung.

3. Best Computer Screen – Apple’s new iMac with Retina Display

The Best Innovative Tech Products of 2014 Phoenix Arizona

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Packing almost 15 million pixels on a 27-inch screen, it’s certainly no wonder why people say it’s a computer screen that will melt your eyes. The saying, “to see is to believe,” is most applicable to this product as mere words won’t do it justice. The catch, however, this new Mac’s price starts at a whopping $2,500.

4. Best Value for Money Smartphone – OnePlus One

Although it costs only around $300, the OnePlus One has certainly proven that it’s just as capable and powerful as the best hailed Android phones that cost twice or thrice as much. It can currently be purchased via company or current owner; however, next year promises a newer version and wider availability of the device.

5. Best Take on Virtual Reality – Google Cardboard

The Best Innovative Tech Products of 2014 Phoenix Arizona

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Others may have the luxury to spend thousands to experience virtual reality; but, the non-virtual reality of commoners like us just don’t have that kind of fortune. With the innovation of an open source project dubbed as Google Cardboard though, this is already thing of the past. That’s because the said gadget enables you to slot your smartphone into a headset and get a taste of on-the-go virtual reality.

6. Best Giver of iOS a Run for its Money – Android’s Lollipop

This fall season saw Android launch its newest version called, Lollipop, and boy, was it met with great reviews. With a total new design and improvement from notifications to security, critics even say that the Lollipop is even better than the iOS of iPads and iPhones,

7.  Best Way to Save on Rides – Lyft Line

The Best Innovative Tech Products of 2014 Phoenix Arizona

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Ridesharing company Lyft came up with a new service which they dub as Lyft Line, which allows you to carpool together with other Lyft users. Basically, this app pairs you automatically with another rider whose destination is in the same direction or location as you. The advantage? You both get to split the bill and save on fare expense. For now though, the Lyft service is only limited to LA and San Francisco.

8. Best Choice Made by Microsoft – Office Launch on iPad and iPhone

After four years, this year saw Microsoft release its Microsoft Office version for iPad and iPhone respectively. A rather wise move on Microsoft’s part as it’s now open to development of productivity tools for rivals, iOS and Android. Plus, it’s a really effective way of ensuring the presence of Microsoft software anywhere, everywhere.

9. Best Way to Make Smart Watches Pretty – Moto 360

The Best Innovative Tech Products of 2014 Phoenix Arizona

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Although it may have drawbacks like limited battery life, the Moto 360 certainly showed that smartwatches can look fashionable. Thanks to its leather band feature, it looks pretty nice when strapped to your wrist.

10. Best Alternative Option to Credit Cards – Apple Pay

When Apple Pay was launched this year, you can pretty much predict that this is one innovation that can make credit cards obsolete. With just a tap of your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus against a special payment pad, you can already purchase items in stores. Available at more retailers compared to Paypal, it certainly has the potential to be the dominant platform for mobile payments in the very near future.

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