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Video Testimonials

CompuShooter has built our business on strong relationships with our customers, strategically helping them realize business results through the use of proven technology. Our solutions enable businesses to improve their competitiveness in their market by capturing business value with technology.
Client Testimonial
“I have been a real estate broker for 28 years, until Compushooter came I was having so much difficulty, but they made it so easy. Hope you will use them and benefit from their expertise.”

Susan Conwisar – Provident Partners Companies

Scottsdale, Arizona

Client Testimonial
“We have Compushooter installed this marvelous home security system, tremendous installation and capabilities, most importantly gave us a sense of security. Thank you so much Compushooter!”

Thomas Blischok

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Client Testimonial
“My name is Cliff Laser, I am using Compushooter services and when they tell me yes it means “YES” and if no means “NO”. And if needs more work, they work on it until it gets right.”

Cliff Laser

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““My name is Elena Pongratz and i just want to let you know that i am very pleased with Compushooter Services that i used, i called them often when i have some personal computer problems that i have issues and they will come everytime …..””

Elena Pongratz

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““My name is Tony with Avila Masonry, Joel is been working for me for about 5 years now, he has done amazing work with the computer system with our company, when we first came to him, we where having all sorts of problems and now we rarely see him coz everything works..thanks Joel””

Tony Avila – Avila Masonry LLC

Glendale, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““Hi, My name is Jennifer, Im an attorney with Willmott Associates, and we trust Compushooter only to handle with our Tech needs, Joel is always there on time, he’s always helpful for us and we really appreciate him, thank you Compushooter””

Jennifer Willmott – Willmott Associates

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““Hi, Im Dr. Anderson, and ive been using Compushooter for many years now and I think that they are amazing, ive gotten excellent..excellent service..they go above and beyond what is expected and my standard are pretty that is a giant compliment””

Dr. Lori Anderson – Anderson Dental

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““My name is Robyn and im an Attorney with Varcoe Law Firm and we cannot function as efficiently as we do with out Joel and Compushooter, we call with problems and he respond right away..thank you Joel..thank you Compushooter  .””

Robyn Varcoe – Varcoe Law Firm

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““My name is Sandy Furman, im the partner of Meritus of FDS Architects, ive been using Compushooter for 3 years now and i just got a new computer and they just set it up for me, im extremely satisfied with the services and they respond expeditiously to my request, thank you Compushooter””

Sandy Furman – Furman Architects

Cave Creek, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““I’m Sally Jarvis, i worked with Angel of Defense and with out Compushooter we cannot work as efficient as we are..thank you Joel for everything that you do, we feel so great .””

Sally Jarvis – Angel of Defense

Phoenix, Arizona

Client Testimonial
““When you have computer problems, your slow, you cant understand it…call this man, he is honest, he’ll be on time and he’ll take all your computer problems away as a true expert…Joel is your man.””

Paul Longstreth

Cave Creek, Arizona

Client Testimonial
“Compushooter has been a great company for me, the latest things they did was restore these 2 gaming computers to their ultimate speed and really got all viruses and malware and everything else out of them. Also they have restored a hard disk I have for years that has all my lifetime worth of data, videos and pictures on that has been dead and I thought it was gone forever and they have brought it to life, so thank you Compushooter”

Rod Timmons

Scottsdale Arizona

Client Testimonial
“Hi, my name is “Sam,” office manager at Shine Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, just wanna let you guys out there know that Compushooter is a great company for everybody that needs their computers looked at, or serviced or replaced or service worked done, Joel’s great and he’s been doing it for years and he knows the stuff and he helped us out a ton, no complaints and appreciate all the hard work”

Sam Lind – Shine Dental Orthodontics – Office Manager

Glendale Arizona

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