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Symptoms that Scream for Computer Virus Removal – Phoenix AZ

When virus attacks your computer, it’s natural to get alarmed because depending on how advanced it is, there are some that could really destroy all your files and crash your desktop or laptop. Most viruses though implant themselves slowly but its effects could last for months; hence, it’s important that you keep yourself vigilant for early detection. To help you in this quest, we have here a list of symptoms to watch out for as these all scream for the treatment of computer virus removal:

1. Persistent Pop-Up Ads

Back then, annoying pop-ups mean a potential viral carrier. These days, modern browsers are equipped with robust popup blockers so you need not see any of these pop-ups anymore provided that you have an updated browser. If you still happen to be getting them though while surfing the internet, chances are that your browser is poorly-configured so adjusting your settings should stop them from popping up.

If, however, you’re still receiving pop-ups even when your browser is closed, that’s the time you should worry because this means that a virus has entered your system. Most common of these ads are ironically, those that alert you for a possible virus infection followed by a free software that could fix the problem. Don’t be fooled by this trap as clicking it would have you downloading the virus itself.

2. Hijacked Email Accounts with Messages You Didn’t Send

To transmit infection to as many computers as possible, viruses have already advanced to a higher level, this time having the ability to infect your email, IM or social media accounts to send malware loaded messages to your contacts in the said accounts. This can be seen in your outbox or sent messages but as the majority of us don’t really check these daily because we are more concerned about the messages we receive in our inbox, it’s more likely that you learn about this from your friends who would receive it from you. So to prevent this from happening, do check your outbox or sent messages every once in awhile for anything that looks suspicious and if your email does get hijacked, change your password immediately.

3. Sudden Warnings of Lockdown

There you are minding your own business, doing work on your desktop when all of a sudden, an official-looking warning flashes on your screen telling you that due to your illegal activity, your computer has been locked and that to have control over it again, you need to pay a certain fee. No need to fret about such messages as they are just full of crap so do refrain from giving out any payment details. This means though that your computer has a ransomware infection and the bad news is, this kind of virus is one of advanced level that can’t be eliminated by a regular antivirus program.

4. Crashing, Freezing and Crawling

Symptoms that Scream for Computer Virus Removal - Phoenix AZGenerally, crashes, freezes and really slow operation are due to poor configuration; however, they can be symptoms of malware infection. An effective way to distinguish between the two is to see how quickly the situation progressed. If your desktop or laptop has been running slow for sometimes and has currently reached the point of coming to an occasional complete halt, it means you have neglected to give your system regular maintenance.

If, however, your computer has been operating good and then just suddenly crawls and become unresponsive in one night, this could mean that you have a virus for a culprit. As these bugs frequently run tasks that use many resources, they make your computer system run slower than it normally would.

5. Essential Functions Not Working

Task Managers are there to allow us to know what our PC or laptop is working on at the moment. Window users can access this by pressing control, alt and delete simultaneously while users of Mac can open Spotlight by pressing command and space together, to access the Activity Monitor program. Such tools will let you know the programs that are presently running on your computer and normally, you can always access such information.

If it happens that you can’t open your task manager, your computer has a virus that’s keeping you from finding it; hence, you’ll have to use a separate virus removal tool to get rid of it.

6. When Nothing is Seemingly Wrong

Okay, so operations on your computer are running smoothly with no glitches and everything is just peachy. Good for you but without intending to burst your bubble, you need to keep in mind that there’s always the possibility of your system harboring some malware that you are unaware of. The rule of the thumb states that the more advanced a virus is, the lower your chances of discovering it.

That said, it follows therefore that you shouldn’t slack in your efforts to protect your PC or laptop from infection nor assume that it’s virus-free because all systems are running smoothly. The ideal method to do this is to give your PC regular checkups with a proven effective antivirus program and to always make ensure that your operating system is up to date.

But when all efforts to eliminate viruses through antivirus programs are still to no avail, that’s the time to call the number, 480-464-0202 and let us, at Compushooter, handle the problem. When it comes to computer virus removal, our trained and skilled personnel are sure to get rid of all bugs hampering you from doing work and get your system up and running smoothly in no time at all.


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