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Steps to Fixing Overheating Laptops Phoenix AZ

The two big threats to your laptop are overheating and any container that is filled with water, coffee, soda or any drink for that matter. But for this particular article, we will focus on the former: overheating.

Once your laptop overheats, chances of having it failed and damaged permanently are quite big; so, unless you have the money to invest on another device, it would be wise to be aware of how to avoid this from happening or just in case it does happen, you would know what steps to take in fixing it.


Steps to Fixing an Overheating Laptops Phoenix AZ

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First up, how would you know that your device is already overheating in the first place? Well, a definite sign is when you see your fan running at its maximum speed all the time. Your laptop could also reduce its performance as the CPU slows down its clock speed in order to minimize or escape the heat pressure. Lastly, the fail safe software could cause your laptop to shut down so that the hardware won’t get damaged.


Now, what causes your laptop to overheat? It’s insufficient cooling. Scenarios of these include a fan that is clocked up, dust blockage on exhaust ports or intake grills or a thermal grease that has degenerated between the CPU and heatsink.


As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Check out these tips that can help prevent your laptop from overheating.

1. Ensure that internal cooling is fixed.

The very first thing you should do when you have an overheated laptop is to clean the fan that cools down the CPU and graphics card. It can build up layers of dirt and dust overtime, which can very well not only slow them down, but block air flow as well.

Check the laptop manual for instructions on how the laptop can be opened and how the laptop can be cleaned. Prior to cleaning anything though, make sure that have shut down your laptop, removed its battery, unplugged the power strip and have grounded yourself.

2. Place your laptop on a surface that is hard and even.

Steps to Fixing an Overheating Laptops Phoenix AZMajority of the laptops suck in air that cools them via their bottoms. Setting it on a surface that is not flat like your lap, pillow or blanket can disturb the airflow. As a result, the cooling is not at its optimum; thereby, causing buildup of heat. The surface would become hot, raising the temperature and overheating inevitably happens.

The ideal place to set your laptop would be on your desk, a tray or buy yourself a lap stand or holder.

3. Purchase a cooler.

This accessory is designed to give your laptop more cooling. Make sure though that you purchase the right kind of cooler for your laptop. To do that, you must have a clear understanding of how the air flows in and out of your laptop.

As stated earlier, majority of the laptops suck in cooling air from the bottom, which is because warm air goes up. However, a cooler that is positioned under the laptop works in a different way. It actually sucks air away from it and instead of contributing to cooling, it causes more overheating instead.

For laptops with intake grills at the bottom, go for a cooler that blows air upwards or buy a passive one that works by absorbing heat without consuming any power.


If nothing works, you can resort to software fixes that can cater to your laptop’s power usage and performance like reducing your screen’s brightness or CPU’s clock speed. However, using this method implies that you may have to forego performance to pave way for hardware preservation.

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