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Steps to Cleaning Your Computer Screen Phoenix AZ

The best way to ensure that you will see your displays clearly is to clean your computer screen regularly. While there are many solutions that are readily available in the market, why not try some DIY solutions that you can make at home? Not only are they easy to do, you can get to save some cash too.

1. Making a Cleaning Solution

a. Use the correct water.

The rule of the thumb for this step is to refrain from using tap water. That’s because it has minerals that can cause damage to your monitor. Go for distilled water instead, which you can buy from the store or make on your own.

b. Add a cleaning agent.

Steps to Cleaning Your Computer Screen Phoenix AZThe two most well-known cleaning agents used for making DIY solutions are white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. Both are proven effective when it comes to removing stubborn grime so when it comes down to choosing, it’s actually up to you. Bear in mind though that you can’t mix both. You need to use only one of them.

If you’ll go for white vinegar, start with 50% of it and 50% distilled water. If you find the solution to be not strong enough, that’s the time you add more vinegar. If you choose to use isopropyl alcohol, don’t go beyond a 50/50 mix with distilled water.

Other tips to keep in mind are vodka can actually work as a substitute for isopropyl alcohol and refrain from using a cleaning agent that contains ammonia to avoid discoloration of your monitor.

2. Cleaning the Monitor

a. Turn the monitor off.

Aside from preventing chances of electrocuting yourself, this also enables you to easily see what dust and grime is on your screen.

b. Wipe off everything with a dry cloth.

Steps to Cleaning Your Computer Screen Phoenix AZEnsure that the cloth you are using is non-abrasive and lint-free. Do this in slow, circular motions without applying too much pressure on the computer screen. To decrease chances of leaving prints brought about by pressure from your fingers, it’s best that you use a large cloth as well.

Good to Use Bad to Use
Cotton Handkerchief Facial Tissue
Cotton Tea Towel Paper Towels
Cotton T-Shirt Dish Towels

c. Apply cleaning solution to the cloth.

Steps to Cleaning Your Computer Screen Phoenix AZ

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Direct spraying of cleaning solution onto the monitor is not recommended as this can cause malfunction or damage to your monitor. The proper way of applying cleaning solution is to spray it onto your non-abrasive cloth. Make sure to use only a small amount as too much moisture can also damage your screen overtime.

d. Wipe off grime using a cloth.

Again, it’s recommended that you do this in small, circular motions so as not to put direct pressure on the monitor. Refrain from scraping smudges. Just let the cleaner do its job of dissolving them. You may need to repeat this act a number of times if you have tough spots to clean. Wipe off any screen moisture once you’re done cleaning.

e. Allow the monitor to dry.

Ensure that your computer screen is already dry before turning your device back on. This decreases risk of having moisture damage components found inside your computer. Refrain from employing blow dryers or other heating devices that can hasten the process of drying. It’s best that you just let air dry it naturally.

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