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Steps in Cleaning Your Keyboard Phoenix AZ

Because your keyboard is one part of the computer that you use everyday, it’s inevitable that it would get dirty as time goes by. Hence, you need keep it in tip top condition and for you to use it effectively to do your work, you need to clean it regularly.

Cleaning your keyboard can be done in a lot of ways. This article will discuss how to do so according to type but before proceeding so, you need to do the first general step of unplugging your keyboard. That’s because there are some cleaning methods that can cause damage to the keyboard if it’s connected to power. If there are any batteries, take them out as well.

1. Dust

The most common problem of keyboard dirt and grime is caused by dust because it accumulates over time, whether you’re based from home or office. Good thing though that it’s easy to solve this problem.

To keep it from accumulating in the first place, dust your keyboard daily, employing a small dusting brush with soft bristles. You can also use a dust remover or a can of compressed air. If there’s more caked on dust, you can go for a brush or host attachment of a bugger vacuum cleaner to scrape it off.

2. Germs

Everyday usage of your keyboard can spawn different kinds of germs that would make it their new home. To ward off these filth, use a 60% (or more) solution of isopropyl alcohol. Make sure however that what you’re using states the generic name, isopropyl, not ethyl. That’s because the harsher kind of the latter can remove the lettering of your keys.

Steps in Cleaning Your Keyboard

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So how do you clean with your isopropyl alcohol? Moisten a paper towel or old rag with the alcohol. Scrub it over the top of your keys and for the spaces in between, you can make use of a cotton swab. Make sure to scrub the alcohol only, not pour it onto your keyboard.

There are disinfectant sprays but these aren’t really that recommendable because most of them are rather too strong even for skin contact. If you do use these, go for the brand that is electronics-friendly.

3. Spills

One of the worst things that can happen to your keyboard is spilling soda on it and making the keys very sticky. So, what do you do? Unplug your keyboard immediately. Dump out what excess of the liquid there is and wipe liquid using paper towels. To lessen stickiness, clean your keyboard while still wet.

Now, to eliminate the stickiness of the keys, you have pop off the keys so you can thoroughly clean the keyboard. If you haven’t memorized the positioning of the keyboards, a simple solution would be to take a picture of it with your phone or camera so you won’t have trouble putting back the keys in place.

To remove keys of desktop keyboards, you can employ a screwdriver or butter knife for prying up one of the key’s corners. You’re bound to feel a pop and the targeted key will come off. If you’re using a laptop, you can use your fingernails to pull up the plastic, beginning with one corner and moving on to the next one. Just make sure not to break in the process.

Once the keys have been successfully removed, damp paper towels with alcohol and clean the base of the keyboard, keeping careful watch of metal bars. To clean the keys, you can use cotton swabs or simply wash them in warm water and allow to dry. To put them back, place them over their designated position and press. When you hear the snap, that means you’ve done it correctly. If your keyboard comes with metal bars, ensure that the bars are attached properly to the keys that ends in line with the slots.

Steps in Cleaning Your Keyboard Phoenix AZ

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4. Food Particles

If you’re working on your computer the whole day, you’re bound to be eating chips while doing it. Hence, it’s no surprise if there are bits of chips, popcorn and crumbs underneath the keys. These food particles can make them feel mushy when typing. To clean them, pop up the keys again, use a vacuum or a can of compressed air to thoroughly get rid of everything.

If you’re bothered by grimy spots, try using a liquid eraser. As unbelievable as it is, it’s quite effective in peeling off dirt. You just have to be mindful of any eraser dust that might fall inside the keyboard though.

Now, if you’ve tried everything and none of them worked for you, drop a bit of alcohol to a toothbrush with soft bristles and use it to clean the keyboard. For the keys you’ve taken out, you can still use the toothbrush with soapy water. Do that and you’ll see your keyboard looking spic and span again.

This article is a friendly tip brought to you by Compushooter, your friendly neighborhood technicians. For any of your computer needs and repairs, do give us a call at 480-464-202. We are always happy to be of service.

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