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Steps in Cleaning Your Computer Monitor Phoenix AZ

Unless you reside in a very sanitized environment, it’s inevitable that your computer screen would gather dust and get dirty overtime. That’s just one of the realities of life. It’s a good thing we’re here though because we’ve got some tips that can help you keep your monitor spic and span.

1. Turn Your Monitor Off

The very first thing to do in cleaning your computer screen is to turn it off. That’s because you can see dust and smudges easier if your screen is black. More importantly, doing so keeps you and your device safe. Cleaning with the monitor turned on would have pixels fire up and damage your screen or worse, give you an electrical jolt.

2. Clean the Casing, Frame and Keyboard

Since you’re planning on cleaning your screen, it’s best that you include the casing, frame and keyboard as well. You can spray Windex or another cleaning brand unto a piece of cloth and wipe them. Refrain from spraying Windex to the computer directly. If your monitor gets sprayed accidentally, its ammonia and alcohol content can strip your screen off its anti-reflective coating or cause it to cloud up. For spaces that are hard to reach, employ Q-tips.

3. Use a Microfiber Cloth to Wipe the Monitor

Steps in Cleaning Your Computer Monitor Phoenix AZ

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Never employ paper towels. Although they can be used to clean surfaces, notice that their material is made of an abrasive and fuzzy texture; hence, they’re actually supposed to be used for cleaning up spills. If you use it on your monitor, they can potentially cause damage. To be safe, use a microfiber cloth instead. It won’t scratch your leave any lint residue. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the cloth that comes when one gets eyeglasses. You can buy it from any home supply store. To wipe your monitor, do so by pressing lightly with straight and broad strokes. Dampen it with water and repeat manner of wiping until all dirt and smudges disappear.

4. Do a DIY Monitor Cleaner

Should the dirt and grime you’re dealing with be stubborn, try this tried and tested cleaning solution: A mix of equal parts of white vinegar and water. What makes this perfect is its ability to remove the worst dirt but still gentle enough to keep your screen damage free. Dampen the said solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe like the way it’s described in step 3. Remember that usage of alcohol or ammonia based cleaners is a definite no-no!

5. Allow to Dry

Allow your computer screen to dry by leaving it for a several minutes or using a microfiber cloth. To avoid electrical damages or getting yourself electrocuted, ensure that your monitor is absolutely dry before putting it back on.

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