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Technology alone won’t give you a competitive advantage. It won’t get you more customers, make you more efficient, extend your market reach, or enable your virtual office to be more productive. But technology that is well planned and deployed that support your business model can. CompuShooter’s approach and experience deliver solutions that align your business strategy and technology to give you a competitive edge. Our proven solutions are designed to accelerate business performance.



Technological excellence is our passion. We’re committed to established, repeatable processes which enable us to deliver our services efficiently and effectively while creating proven solution for small businesses and residential customers.

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Our technology professionals are committed to delivering proven computer service and support. Our expertise lies in the realm of small businesses and residential technology that help our customers gain increases in productivity. We take great pride being responsible for our customer’s information technology so they can focus on what they do best.

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Business success is measureable. CompuShooter’s delivers to those metrics that are common to most businesses, such as revenue growth and cost savings, and also pride ourselves on understanding those project objectives that are unique to each of our clients. Our successes are best spoken to by our customers.

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