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Software backup worth considering: Comodo Backup

Windows 7 has a decent — but not perfect — backup and restore function. Windows 8.1 basically throws it all away. Yes, you can find vestiges of Win7 backup buried in the dregs of Windows 8.1, but it’s a pain. Microsoft wants you to use its new backup method, stick everything on OneDrive, and use Refresh/Restore should the proverbial crap hit the fan. Comodo Backup runs rings around all of them.

Comodo wants to back you up to the cloud, gives you 10GB of free online storage, then sells you the rest. But even if you choose to back up the old-fashioned way, Comodo Backup is free and works like a champ.

If you only want to put your backups on your own drives, when you install it (see screenshot) skip the free Install eCloud option, and you won’t get confused. But if you want to put up to 10GB in the cloud for free, give it a shot.



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