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Skype sets ip address hidden by default

There were some reports that have surfaced around four years ago stating that there was a flaw in Skype allowing malicious users to obtain ip addresses via the Skype service. Finally, Microsoft has addressed the hidden default on Sykpe.Although Microsoft has introduced a feature to hide it, it is now being made the default setting with their latest release.

Gamers and streamers are mostly concerned by the attacks because they often battle with the struggle to prevent distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Rivals can simply look up their Skype ID and use different methods to find out their IP address and perform the said attack that overwhelms them with traffic and sometimes kicking them offline.

It took a while for Microsoft to respond and fix the issue. They have acquired the company last 2011 when it was still a peer-to-peer software. Microsoft has been working on it to port it over to its own Messenger backend software which is a complicated process to maintain and keep it reliable and stable for millions of users worldwide.

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