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Should I upgrade to windows 10?

It has been a nagging experience that there has been an aggressive upgrade strategy  which target Windows 7 and 8 users.

People often ask is that if they upgrade to Windows 10, can they go back to their old one if they are not happy with it? The answer is YES.

Microsoft has a built-in and simple procedure that only requires a few clicks to undo everything as long as you have not deleted your old version of windows. (Only applies to windows 7 and 8 computers that upgraded successfully).

Here is a guide how to do it click here.

Since the upgrade to Windows 10 is free, should I upgrade? The answer is a YES and NO.

If you have Windows 7 and 8 already installed on yous system, the answer would probably be a YES since most likely that most of your existing programs would work. There is a high probability that there are available drivers for your system.

For XP and Vista users, it is a NO. Windows 10 will be a paid upgrade. First and foremost, you have to check for compatibility of your hardware.

To find out more if your coputer qualifies for windows 10, you can check out this article click here.

There would be a risk of losing some apps, games and features.

Windows 10 is not just for tablets and touch screen computers. They have avoided their mistake by returning to a Windows 7 style desktop that has a start menu that features optional live titles for those who liked that addition to the Windows 8 software. The Charms bar has been replaced by a more user friendly Settings section that is more accessible from the Start Menu.

Touch screens and features have not disappeared entirely, but it is being handled by a new feature called Continuum. It adjusts the interface accordingly and senses what kind of device you are using.

Voice activated controls like Apple’s Siri has been around for some time now. Microsoft has integrated something which they call Cortana in Windows 10. It works on laptops and PC’s, tablets, and phones.

They also revised the login screen wherein with Windows 8, a microsoft account is mandatory. Now you have an option to chose if you would like to create a standard account instead.

Another additional feature is that Windows 10 has Virtual desktops. You can use the Task View mode which you can easily switch as if you were on different screens. The Snap Assist feature also comes in handy when you want to take up half of the screen only or even split it up into four quarters of your desktop.

There is an additional bonus for gamers. Microsoft is building in features to enahnce gaming experience in Windows 10. one of which is the ability to stream games from your XBOX One to your PC, a new gameplay recording ability called PC Game DVR and last but not the least is the latest version of DirectX 12.

All new software definitely has bugs and glitches that needs to be sorted out.

Here are a few things to consider. First of all, if your older computer running windows XP and Vista is compatible with Windows 10, it would be more sensible to but a new computer that is pre-installed with the new operating system rather than buying the Windows 10 installation software separately to upgrade the older computers. It might cost you more than $100 for the software alone.

Although Windows 10 might install on your computer, you might need to search for updated drivers for older hardware. Other software that you are currently using might not install or run at all. It is advisable to contact software manufacturer for compatibility.

Bottom line, newer features and stability is a big factor for you to switch over to using Windows 10. Issues that you might consider as a drawback would be driver compatibility/updates and existing software compatibility.

The choice is completely up to you or you can consult your IT professional for assistance.

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