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Selecting a VoIP Service Provider – Phoenix AZ

So let’s say you’re utterly convinced that the VoIP phone service is what you need for your office. what comes next is selecting the VoIP service provider for such phones to be installed. For your part, you have to ensure that you are aware of what features your office will need so that the service provider can offer a phone system that caters to your specific requirements.

Here are some questions you can ask potential service providers that can serve as your guide so you can choose the right one for your office.

1. Does the VoIP service provider offer training? This is important because of course, you can’t expect your employees or you, yourself, to know how to use it so having this offering can save you time and reduce possible confusion.

2. As far as maintenance of the whole system is concerned, will they go to your office should any problem arise and do repairs or can they fix it remotely?

3. How is their customer service? Do they personally accommodate you over the phone to identify issues you might be having? Or will they require you to submit a ticket and take days to make an action?

4. What is their guaranteed uptime and how do they deal with sudden blackouts or power outages? Note that it’s especially advantageous if the VoIP service provider has automatic backup.

5. What other features does their VoIP system come with? You’ll want to ask if they have these other helpful features as well: caller ID, voice mail that forwards to email, multiple 4-digit extensions, follow-me roaming and the like.

6. Ask about how they handle security measures. They should be able to give you tips on what software to use for its protection or other remedies that would be compatible to your system.

7. What hardware will you need to buy? Can you employ any VoIP phone or will you be required to use their equipment?

Selecting a VoIP Service Provider - Phoenix AZ

Photo by Army Medicine

8. What is their process of installation? There are some service providers who just add VoIP to your present network minus the task of ensuring that it has the ability to handle it in the first place. This is bad because you could end up paying for extra cost due to the need for system upgrade. To avoid this, ensure that the VoIP service provider has an offer of testing your network out to see if it can handle and support the traffic that comes with the addition of a VoIP phone system.

9. Do they have recommendations from previous clients? Just like learning about a certain potential employee through background check, so it goes with service providers. If they have a pretty good number of positive reviews, that’s definitely a good sign.

We, at Compushooter, understand that installing a VoIP to your system entails a hefty price. It’s only natural that you would expect the best service to be given back to you. That’s why we not only install VoIP to your office, we train your employees and offer technical support as well. Call us now at 480.464.0202 and let us be your ideal return of investment.


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