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Russian Hacking Tool Is Extra Sneaky utilizing blank word document

Here is another phishing attempt you should look out for.

All over the world, we have been hearing and reading about hackers and Russians are the top 5 on the list. Despite their reputation, they have recently discovered a new tool that can be used in their arsenal to access your computer.

This malicious piece of software dubbed “Cannon” by Palo Alto Networks researchers who wrote about the hacking tool in a blog post last Tuesday.

The malware, once it comes into contact with your computer, it takes screenshots of your homepage and then use your email accounts to send the images to the hacker without your knowledge. What happens is, the Cannon software
simply becomes a spy camera inside your computer.

Palo Alto Networks have determined that the hackers behind this tool are part of the Russian military spy agency known as the Fancy Bear. They are known for being behind the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee. And it has been said that Cannon poised at U.S. and European governments.

It all begins with a successful phishing attempt they have sent via email to their intended targets with blank Microsoft word documents attached. This normally would not trigger security software, but upon opening them, it does download a remote template containing the malicious code. It is hard to discern since the only thing you see is a blank document but things are running in the background.

Palo Alto network even created a comic strip to explain how the process works.

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