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Relieve Stress Paint App has infected 40,000 Facebook accounts.

Facebook has been involved with a huge data scandal and is still in the news due to a hacking incident perpetrated by cyber criminals that were able to hack tens of thousands of accounts by infecting them with a malware disguised as a painting app, according to cybersecurity researchers from Radware.

The culprit is a third-party app, “Relieve Stress Paint,” which has infected more than 40,000 accounts. They have targeted login credentials of people whose payment accounts are linked to Facebook.

Facebook has always been a prime target for hackers apart from other social media websites. Roughly 120 private groups on the site aimed at discussing and learning how to defraud people via cybercrime. The said group are estimated to have more than 300,000 members.

The malware is professionally designed as per the researchers due to the fact of its rapid spread in a short amount of time. Facebook communications manager Pete Voss said “We are investigating these malware findings and we are taking steps to help protect and notify those who are impacted.”

Researchers are inclined to think that the malware’s efforts may soon shift to strike the Amazon who is the world’s largest online retailer. According to them, they have found code stored in a dedicated section in the attack control panel. Radware will continue to monitor and analyze the campaign ran by the malware developers and by the looks of it, another variant has already been spread in the wild due to the fact that they have seen an indication of this new version from the control panel.



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