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Ransomware: almost at 50 percent of malware threats

Ransomware, everybody has heard of them, and scared of getting them on their computers.

When it first started spreading, it was more of a quick-buck deal for cyber-criminals. At this point in time, it is now a big chunk of the threats that you might get your computer infected with.

Although not yet verified, it has been said that it has reached almost 50 percent of all malware. This is now considered a business model which is reaching its maturity as a stable business. There are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

There are 3 trends that are considered as firmly established. They are Encryption Ransomware, Rise in evasion techniques, and Simple attacks.

This business model has been tried and trusted by cyber-criminals. More of the payloads being developed nowadays are designed with simple evasion techniques designed to bypass existing security techniques and solutions.

Simplicity in the key but it packs a heavy hitting damaging punch.

Who would have thought that within a year, ransomware is at an alarming trend on the rise. It has become a really profitable business model and cash cow for cyber-criminals. Up to the point that they have been selling information, tools and resources all around the world to their peers.

The more that we educate computer users, the better chances to detect newer issues and report these malware campaigns and put a stop to it.

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