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Prolonging the Life Span of Your Personal Computer Phoenix AZ

Today’s personal computers are not as expensive as they used to be but that doesn’t mean that these six or seven year old devices are worth replacing. There are actually many new applications today that still run fine on them and with the advent of cloud computing, it has even made these PCs productive again.

Computer enhancements like adding RAM and increasing your hard drive’s capacity are all great ideas to improve your PCs performance; however, there are easier and less complicated methods to lengthen their life span. For starters, keeping its system clean and observing fundamental measures of prevention can already help a lot in achieving this objective. It’s all actually just a matter of exercising your common sense during your everyday usage.

1. Keep your computer bright and shiny.

After some time, you will find that your PC is actually a great dust, dirt and hairball collector. If left uncleaned, it can be the reason why your computer can no longer dissipate enough heat, which in turn, could lead to damaging the hardware inside your system. This will stress the parts of your PC, reducing its performance and even lead to its early demise. It’s therefore recommended you should have a thorough cleaning of your device between six to twelve months.

Prolonging the Life Span of Your Personal Computer Phoenix AZ2. Give your computer some breathing room.

Dissipating heat is another vital matter if we’re talking about your computer’s cooling system. Heatsinks and CPU fans all aid in keeping your PC from overheating; however, if your surrounds are unclean and full of dust and dirt, this can slow your cooling system. Hence, it’s a must that you always ensure that your system unit, or the tower itself, is not enclosed within a cabinet in your desk. Refrain from stationing it close to a space heater or heater vent as well.

3. Cure drives before they crash.

System errors and bad sectors due to inappropriate shutdowns and crashes can corrupt your hard drives; thereby destroying files and bringing about instability of your system, bluescreens and may even be the cause of your operating system to no longer boot. You can repair hard disk drive problems employing the check disk that comes together with the Windows application, mostly Windows 7. With Windows 8, file and drive issues are fixed automatically.

4. Protect your computer from power surges and losses.

Because PCs are composed of a mass of parts and circuits, any power fluctuation can have an intense impact. Any magnitude of surges can really stress them and in severe cases, can directly damage the power supply and its other parts. Your computer can lose its protection mechanism with even just one power surge yet still have the ability to power your device. This gives you a pseudo sense of security; hence it’s vital that you need to do check the status of your surge protector.

On the other hand, corrupted drives and loss if unsaved documents are mostly caused by unexpected power loss. For protection against such incidents, arm your computer with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which is a surge protector that comes with a built-in battery, which automatically switches during power loss; thus, giving you enough time to save your documents, as well as other open files, and properly shut your device down.

5. Install software to fight off malware.

Remember to install software that can protect your computer against virus and malware as well. These don’t usually cause physical damage but the destruction they can cause to both your personal and system files can be massive and costly. There are some types that can damage your whole system; hence, you have no choice but to change your hard drive and start from the beginning. Hence, it’s vital that you always see to it that you have a competent security suite to ward off viruses and malware.

If you need help in doing any of these steps, we, at Compushooter, are just a call away with numbers 480-464-0202. Just tell us what your needs are and our friendly, able technicians will be happy to be of assistance.


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