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POS malware hits Omni Hotels

It is not uncommon that malwares get their way into systems. One of the latest victims is the hospitality chain Omni Hotels. IT has been disclosed that they had a payment card breach. Some of the properties got infected at their point-of-sale machines that was able to steal their guests card information.

It has been reported last May 30 when they have found out about the said infection. The said infection was able to gather payment sensitive information.

It has been estimated that depending on the location, the malware may have been freely operating in their system since December 2015 until June 2016.

Compromised locations and information was not disclosed to the public.

The victims are most likely the ones who have presented their cards physically on the POS systems which got compromised. If not, thier information is safe.

It is good that they have picked up the problem. Diligence on the part of their internal IT security led them to pick up the threat themselves.

These kind of attack on pinpointed establishments remains a very lucrative target for malware developers and very profitable until they have been detected and neutralized.

Businesses should be very vigilant since there is an increasing trend with regards to these targetted attacks.

To name a few of the victims are  Mandarin Oriental, Trump Hotels, Starwood, Rosen Hotels and, most recently, the Hard Rock Hotel.

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