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Plumbago App: Mashup of OneNote and Paint

The new app named Plumbago according to Winbeta was revealed via tweet by @h0x0d or “Walking Cat”. It was tweeted that it was found on Microsoft’s research website’s help page. It was also remarked that there is a resemblance to Microsoft OneNote.

The garage app is supposed to combine the best features of OneNote and Fresh Paint and merged it into one app.

Another user found out that “Plumbago” is also a name of a Microsoft peripheral product, a mouse to be exact, which suggests that the current name is only a placeholder, and something more fitting for a note-taking program will come further in the pipeline.

The interface resembles Fresh Paint. It seems that that the tools are derived from OneNote namely Grid View, Highlighter, Pen and Pencil. Its home page, see screenshot below should look very familiar to users of Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app and Samsung’s S-Note app.

Though it was found on Microsoft research website help page, there is limited information about the app other than that it was discovered on the said site.

More information will be provided once it becomes readily available.




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