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Piracy Software Available on Microsoft App Store

There is no surprise that Microsoft will always be a focal point for hackers and attacks. It has always been a target for piracy.

As first reported by torrent news site TorrentFreak, the company’s app store rankings are full of apps that promise to let users watch Hollywood movies and TV shows for free.

They are claiming that all movies are free to watch. A couple of them are Pirates of the Caribbean, Games of Thrones, Doctor Who and much more.

Other apps have new a wider rosters on their list like Movies and TV shows that can be watched at no cost. A few examples are Suicide squad, Deadpool, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

These apps are relatively easy to find and are not even attempting to hide. They have names like “Free Movies Online” and “HD Movies Online 2019.” They’re available near the top of the Trending apps chart in Microsoft’s app store.

To avoid getting infected, we did not test the apps any further. Some of them may or may not work as described, yet still there are numerous apps out there that offers the same free access to movies.

Microsoft’s App Developer Agreement requires developers to promise they will “not use the Store or any services or tools made available for the development of Apps for, or to permit others to carry out, any illegal activity.” However, developers for these websites completely ignore this.

Microsoft has tried to improve its Windows Store through the years and they are on continuously trying to track them down and shut down their operations. It may be a never ending cat and mouse chase but somebody has got to do the catching.

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