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Organizing Your Emails According to Folders Phoenix AZ

Last week, we covered some simple yet effective tips in organizing emails. For this week, let’s go deeper into this topic by specifically tackling what folders you need to organize the numerous emails you get in a day.

Now, assuming that you’ve already deleted what’s not needed, we could say that the emails in your inbox are probably those that you need to reply to, follow up, used as reference later on or those that you just don’t want to delete because they have good content.

Of course, it would take you forever if you plan on scrolling through over a hundred emails that you receive everyday. So, do yourself a favor and organize these remaining emails according to folders. Aside from the wise thing to do, it’s less of a hassle and won’t take an eternity to locate a certain email as well.

Organizing Your Emails According to Folders Phoenix AZTo give you a good head start, here are some suggested folders that you could use as you go about your organization process.

1. For Action

This are for emails that need action or require you to do something. If you wish, you can organize them further into sub-folders like for reply, for phone call and the like.

2. For Follow-Up

These are emails that you need to check on at a later date.

3. Accounts

Where emails from online accounts are stored. This comes in very useful if you forget a certain username or password.

4. Miscellaneous

Emails that have good content that you don’t want to delete from your email.

Some other categories you could put are Family, Friends, Work, Correspondence and many others. Note that you don’t have to follow the suggested category names though. You can make your own. What’s important is that they fulfill the task of making your emails more organized so that keeping track of emails would be easier and faster.

Pretty easy right? Well, these tips should get you to organizing your emails according to folders in no time; however, if you are still having trouble, just call us at 480-464-0202 and we’d be happy to help. 

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