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Onsite and Remote PC Repair and Pricing

CompuShooter provides immediate Onsite and Remote PC Repair to small businesses throughout the United States.

CompuShooter offers computer help repair, support, and technology consulting services for Windows-based PCs computers. By using a secure connection to your computer our certified, IT professionals, can troubleshoot and get up and running fast. And with our health monitoring support we will make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Our experienced staff of IT experts can help you with your technical issues, virus removals and tune-ups. We can diagnose and repair your system for much less then it would cost at a local repair shop. Our affordable rates and certified support team will give you an excellent value. We offer services for all phases of computer repair from the casual user to the full business user. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Price List for Computer Repair

Remote Support (includes diagnostics, malware, spyware and virus removal, and optimization) $119.99

Software install and update: $29.99
Printer install: $29.99
Optimization: $59.99
Diagnostics: $59.99 (if found out hardware issue and can’t be repair remotely)
On-Site Service (all onsite repair has additional charge of $99.99)
Local Arizona only

OS install: $189.99
Backup/setting up: $59.99
Data Recovery: $150.00
Basic Wireless Setup: $119.99
software install: $29.99
printer install: $29.99
Hardware install: $29.99
Hard-drive: $80 to $100
Memory: $80 to $100

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