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It is official. Microsoft has officially killed Windows Phone. Support options are no longer available.

Mobile phones are integral to our day to day activities. There are 3 major operating systems running on most phones; namely Apple’s iOS, Google’s Andriod, and Microsoft Windows Phone Operating system. The tile-based design was radically different and did not become popular with consumers.

Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows Phone 8.1. So this would mean that they are completely pulling the plug of the Microsoft WIndows Phone platform. This does not mean that current users should be alarmed. Mobile phones running the platform will still stay functional and not be bricked, but do not expect any future updates. Microsoft has lost interest in pursuing to take a piece of the smartphone business. However, there are no future announcements for Windows 10 Mobile.

Apple’s iOS has been a dominant figure in the market, and Windows Phone operating system was Microsoft’s counter move to gain popularity in the mobile phone market, just like Google’s Android mobile phone presence. They were only able to get a single digit share in the market.

Due to small number of users of the platform, developers were not too keen to develop apps for it. It also hindered smartphone manufacturers in creating newer devices for Windows. There were a few good phones primarily Lumia devices to whom which Microsoft partnered with Nokia.

Although Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up. the Lumia phones is also heading up the same pathway. People who bought these phones have encountered BlackBerry-like frustration of being left out of the mobile app market. Is this the end of the Windows Phone altogether? We just have to wait to see if the same will happen to Windows 10 Mobile phone.

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