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NEW THREAT: “BlueBorne” Bluetooth Malware

There is a new threat out there to infect you without you even being aware of it. It is spread via active Bluetooth connections.

You have read it right, it spreads via Bluetooth and that is the reason why this malware had been named “BlueBorne”. It is transmitted wirelessly through Bluetooth, enabling hackers to gain complete control over the device.

BlueBorne can give complete remote control access to a hacker and can carry out a WannaCry-like attack or any payload desired.

It is no surprise that technology is developing at a rapid rate. And that is directly correlational with the threat to security and privacy that has to be secured. Thus, this rapid rate of technology has led to the development of more dangerous malware that has hit the IT world. They never cease to develop anything that can affect any platform. And now, here is one that is a serious threat to all devices which have Bluetooth.

Armis Labs even released a video which explains how it works, how it spreads through Bluetooth. It definitely has an alarming presence since a large percentage of devices are equipped with Bluetooth e.g. smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops etc. BlueBorne is capable of spreading to all devices with active Bluetooth within the vicinity of a hacker spreading BlueBorne or any infected device. It does not even need to pair up so it seems like nothing is going on. No tell-tale signs whatsoever, it just runs in the background.

BlueBorne can affect devices running on popular platforms from Microsoft, Apple and Google. However, devices running the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple’s latest iOS 10 are protected from this threat. Google also has fixed the issue with the August patch, which has already been rolled out to Pixel, Nexus and Android One devices. If your device hasn’t received the latest security updates, then it is advisable to keep the Bluetooth switched off until you download the latest patch.

One major issue with some platforms like Android and Windows is that not all the devices receive security updates, especially old and entry-level devices. According to Armis’ data, over 180 million Android devices are running on software that won’t be updated with the latest security patch. Similarly, Apple devices running iOS 9.3 or before are also vulnerable, even though Apple says iOS users needn’t worry. The only solution to this issue then is to avoid using Bluetooth connectivity until a security patch arrives or you upgrade to a newer device running the latest software.

Here is the video link to Armis explaining BlueBorne click here:

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